Full Visual Branding

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Successful business need a strong visual branding I say! Don’t ya?! Anyway, what I mean to say is: rather than providing with some trendy logo designs, fonts and colors I’m focusing on transforming and reflecting the brand’s identity from the inside out. You gotta stand out, and you gotta be unique – that’s my main mission, as well as to make sure your business branding brings you success that you’re after… and that’s what this service is all about! So if you’re IN let’s do it then!


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How it works?
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Once You will purchase this service – You will receive a downloadable file with Questionnaire. Please take all the time needed with your answers, I sure can wait! We are going to build the full visual brand identity for your awesome business, are’t we?!

After you’ll answer the questionnaire I will be getting back to you with the first sketches! From there we will discuss the further steps such and I’ll keep on working till the best result!

So the whole process goes like that:



I will provide you with some questionnaire to answer so we could have all your ideas collected and organized together, then I’ll start sketching!



You send me all the images, any kind of visual samples, particular fonts and colors if you have any – I do my own research, collect more visuals, and possible design approaches then create the inspiration board which we are going to use a guideline for the further branding!
The inspiration board usually includes the custom selected color palettes, font options for you to choose from, as well as initial mood board of your branding (visuals, photos, graphics, design approaches) and the first logo sketches.



Once we’ll approve and settle on the inspiration board and choose the winner fonts and colors – we will mainly focus on the logo. I will be providing you up to 7/10 logos to choose from (depending on the actual process, sometimes it’s better to focus on the quality rather than quantity) and each logo will come with unlimited revisions until we both agree on THE ONE.



Branding Palette aka Brand Book will include your custom logo design with the optional logo versions (B&W, signature logo, logo initials, social media / profile logo options, etc) as well as your brand’s color palette, matching font options, graphics, icons, illustrations, ornaments and patterns, digital business cards and packaging files as well as the visual mood board and further business branding guideline with your business message, goals, pros and cons (a tiny little business plan) etc.

And then… The big day! Hooray!

We are surely going to celebrate that (with champagne of course!) and let everyone know so they could join us! By this I mean that I will be sharing this new branding of yours via social media, and blog :) It’s a really big thing after all!

So if ya feeling ready for this, and all above seems just fine with you – go ahead, gimme a shout!
I can’t wait to help another awesome business to be fully branded!

If you have any other questions or suggestions – do not hesitate to get in touch via email or by simply filling up this contact form!

In a meantime have a look at some previous work below also – don’t forget to check out the whole portfolio!

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Custom Logo Design Style Palette

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