What Makes A Good Blog Design? + A free Blog Template

Last week I’ve shared some key benefits of using photography to promote your blog or business, which also is a big and important part for your blog. My not so little experience has showed me that if not the photography, I wouldn’t get as much interest and attention as I do get now. I will be talking more about that later on this blog (*PSSST. I will soon also be sharing some photography editing tutorials & so), but today I’d like to talk about another very important bit and that, m’friends, is a Blog Design! Yeah, you heard me right. Imma really back on track!

So my huge love for the graphic and blog design has really grown to that point, where I’d like to do & talk more about it. I’ve been working with some pretty big bloggers and companies on their branding, and graphic design for the past year, been learning a lot and spending lots of time for research. Tho till the very this day I still, sometimes, come across some blogs which are great, or would be, but their design really sucks, and that leads me to close their pages and forget about them. Yes, what matters the most is the content, and that is probably the only thing you’d always come back for, but the visual also matters, it’s actually the first thing you notice, and that is very much about the blog’s design. So in this post I will be talking why the heck that blog design is so important, and what makes a good one, so I highly invite ya to click for more! :)

What Makes A Good Blog Design?

It attracts the reader. First things first – when you come across the blog, first what you notice is the design. So it has to be outstanding, unique, but very much the one that reflects you and your blog’s content. It should be a start of your branding if you haven’t got one, or a part of it if you do!
Professional. SEO and mobile (responsive) friendly. These are the main reasons why you should consider getting a blog design, and also what makes a good one. I guess I don’t need to tell you why a good SEO is important, and why responsiveness is so necessary, but take these two into account while getting a new blog design.
Professional layout – flow. Make sure the layout isn’t too busy with too many ads, too many colors and fonts mixed all up which then leads to a headache and not the enjoyable reading and viewing experience. The way your blog flows is how your reader’s eye moves around the page. Make sure that’s easy and pleasant! I’d highly suggest sticking with a 2 or 3 fonts, and couple of colors. And obviously – no dark background and white writing on it. That’s older than 90’s. As for a sidebar – I’d always say 1, and definitely on the right! And make sure everything fits! By this I mean your photos fit nicely in the post area, so does the designed parts, whole content and sidebar gadgets.
Great navigation. Yes, as much as it’s popular to have the sticky menu at the very top – it’s also very professional. Make sure the menu is easy to find, and so are the social media icons, blog topic categories, search, archives, back buttons and so! You can add a little color in those if you’d like them to stand out. Tho obviously, don’t put everything into one place, for some of them you also have a sidebar – so use it wise!
Easy commenting. Well, that’s actually one of the most annoying things for me. It just drives me nuts, when I come to a blog, spend 10min on reading a post, or sometimes even more! And then when I actually decide to leave a comment – I either can’t it find where, or after typing it – can’t see it showing up, or I need to log in to my google account first and then the comment disappear, or sometimes I’m not even able to log in. The story goes on, and I don’t really enjoy that. There are various of plugins, my favorite so far is disqus. They make your and your readers life easier, so go on, do it now!
Photo of you! Don’t forget to add that, and I highly recommend at the very top of your sidebar. Why? Cause when I enter a blog I wan’t to see the person who’s behind it. They say it’s a very attractive and friendly gesture to your reader, and I can’t disagree with that!

I hope you will find these tips useful! I know how at the very beginning it’s hard to understand what exactly your blog needs, and what’s missing. Start with the less! If you’re on a budget google some free templates – real good ones out there! If you think you want something more special, more friendly and professional – try checking out etsy.com there you can find some pretty awesome affordable templates, or check out my Blog Templates page! If you’re looking for a Custom Design, which is also a great idea, actually the best one, then check out my services over here!


My Pre-made Responsive Blogger and Self-Hosted WordPress templates are pretty much minimal, yet stylish and unique! I took the minimal part into consideration as I really think that blog’s content is still the most important, and usually it consist the photography, most of the time a lot! And that needs to stand out. If you have a busy design, your blog looks to busy overall, so I highly invite ya to stick with the minimal one. It also shall be friendly, with a hint of touch, and inviting! So don’t forget to check out my templates and gimme a shout if you have any question! I will soon be adding more of those, so stay put! And happy blogging, friends! May it be lotsa fun :)

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