How To Spice Up Your In-Home Workouts

It’s getting trendy these days to sneak in workouts at the house. We live in a very busy time, and while it’s healthy to slow down some the reality is that a lot of us don’t have spare hours for time at the gym or long walks and runs outside. It’s because of this that the idea of HIIT (high intensity interval training) has caught on so well, and why we keep hearing about new ways to get our heart rates up and shed a few pounds in the spare moments we have at home.

That said, it can get dull or uninspiring to try to work out at home! The idea sounds lovely, but sometimes you’ll get ready, start with an exercise or two, and quickly run out of ways to keep going. To avoid this problem I wanted to look at a few ways to spice up an in-home workout and make it a little more fun and productive.

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Get A Partner

This is a simple step that was recommended by another rundown of ways to make working out more interesting. Just because you’re working out alone doesn’t mean you can’t have an exercise buddy (something that helps a lot of people to stick to a routine). Try to find a friend or relative who will commit to having brief workout conference calls now and then! You can put the phone on speaker or set up a Skype connection and challenge each other to make it through a workout just as easily as you might in person.

Find An App You Love

It’s getting to be stale advice given that it applies to just about any problem you could have in life, but you can also just find an app when it comes to working out. There are apps for everything, and as it happens there are several that are meant for in-home exercise. You’ll find yoga apps, programs targeting specific muscle groups, and workouts as short as seven minutes that are meant to raise your heart rate and give you a real fat-burning boost. It can’t hurt to experiment with a few of these apps and find one that you really like. A lot of them will even help you track your progress as you go! If you want to get really creative, you can even find ways to mix and match to create a whole workout program for yourself.

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Make A Game Out Of It

You may have heard of ideas like doing push-ups according to a deck of cards or something like that. In fact, if you’re a fan of ABC’s Shark Tank you may have even seen a set of card-based exercises pitched to investors! Now there are even more enjoyable ways to “game” your way through a workout. Slot reels come to mind in particular, as you can spin a wheel and let any icon symbolize a different workout. You can find slot games with all kinds of different themes online, and with some you can even play demo versions (meaning no money is required) and use them just as playful workout accompaniments. Have fun with it! For instance, if you play an Avengers slot, imagine that hitting three Hulks means a set of push-ups, or each Black Widow means 10 jumping jacks.

Try Deskercising

The term might make you cringe, and “deskercising” definitely falls under the heading of workout trends, which are always coming and going. We’re hearing more and more about how unhealthy it is to just sit all day, but that’s still what many of us do! As one article puts it, sitting at a desk doesn’t mean you have to sit still. You can use the time to do bicep curls at a low weight, or do overhead extensions while you’re reading on your computer. You can even buy sets of peddles to put under your desk so you can keep your legs moving even as you’re seated and working. It takes some creativity, but there are alal kinds of ways to exercise at or near your desk throughout the day.

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