Why New Year resolutions should begin now?

While many are working on their New Year resolutions list I’m focusing on the present. As I’ve already talked how important it is in my previous post, I will try not to use so much of this word in this one and would rather talk about them resolutions.
Although I don’t mean to say that these are wrong, or that they aren’t a good idea. I really understand when people do need them, and if that helps to make a difference, inspires and motivates in the end – I guess it’s a win win. But, for me New Year resolutions always begin now. I don’t like to sit and create those lists for tomorrow, or say that from January 1st I’ll be doing this or that. Yes, I’m the kinda gal who doesn’t believe in a right time, or brings up excuses why not to do that particular task right now. And it actually bugs me when other people around me do so. In that case – I’ve started to make a difference quite a while ago already, and so my goal is to take the most out of the 2017 and get over the fear. Keep on reading if fearless 2017 is also on your list!

Being honest, I often fear to get out of my little office in our home, since it’s a place where everything is possible – I’m free to dream and manifest here whatever, and I’m always so positive and energetic. However, it doesn’t mean that my office is that comfort zone which I fear stepping out from. It actually isn’t. Lots of things happen in this place, and they often are very uncomfortable. Here I don’t really have anyone to talk to apart from myself and my laptop, which can be pretty depressing, trust me. Here I get to face the real and sometimes very harsh truth about my current work situation or amount of tasks that needs to be done while sitting at the table. However I still fear to get out of this room, because here I’m free, motivated and inspired, and as soon as I get out of this zone – I sometimes see the reality which isn’t that inspiring or motivating, and where not everything is so possible, because there are bills which need to be payed, dirty dishes in a sink which need to be washed, pile of laundry, trash that needs to be taken out, food that needs to be cooked – and they all bug me, they all require my time and energy and as much as I enjoy taking care of house duties, I sometimes wish there would be none. But these are just those simple tasks, however there are other things which aren’t as positive as in my little office and I’m so afraid of.

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I fear facing the reality of not such a positive and inspiring life outside my office. The same works for my job also. I’m often afraid about not completing all the tasks on time, or not making the most out of my work day and that happens when I leave my office too often, because I get distracted by other duties that also need to be taken care of. I fear of not seeing the results quicker than they usually appear, because I’m sometimes quite impatient. I’m afraid of letting others down by not bringing enough of a result, and I’m afraid of the question ‘so how’s your work going?’ ‘are you making enough out of it?’ ‘how many clients do you have?’ because these questions always bring lots of stress as I often have to prove others that my work is legit, and that it’s growing it just sometimes needs more time than expected.

Speaking of which, the other day I saw some entrepreneur’s post on one of the facebook group’s about the emotional support from family, friends and partners regarding our business and careers. And you know what? This post and it’s comments literally brought me to tears. I was so surprised to see how many ladies are struggling with this, and how much of a fear and doubt it brings in each one of us.

Yes, sitting around and expecting others to support, motivate and inspire you is just another excuse not to take an action and do it yourself. But, the outside support is very important, and very much needed. And it doesn’t cover support if your partner is paying this month’s bills and rent, – hello there, we need an emotional support also! Self-realization is a constant work, especially if you’re building and creating your own career and business from the scratch. And I get it, not all of our friends can understand that, neither families and partners, especially if they aren’t creatives or entrepreneurs themselves. But, these are the closest people and their support usually means the most. And when we are hit by questions or sometimes even complaints and doubts of not bringing enough money from that whatever business we do, or we receive some uncompetitive critique after all the hard work we’ve done – it does really hurt.

Healthy lifestyle and mindfulness blogger

So in this case I wish every entrepreneur, business owner to overcome the fear of not feeling supported or doubted and take the action themselves in 2017! Look for other fellow entrepreneur, reach out to him or her. Tell her/him how much you admire their work and that you have couple of questions regarding marketing and maybe they are willing to spare couple of minutes and advice you for the best. Look out for Facebook groups which are full of other fellow entrepreneurs who are dealing with the same issues as you do, and they are here to support one another. You are never alone, even though it does sometimes feels like that.

This year of 2017 I want to overcome the fear and start believing in the supportive people outside my little office and my laptop. I want to be fearless, and I already am! I’m not afraid anymore to fail and not to make the most out of my day. I’m not afraid to even loose the focus or be hit by all the not so very inspiring and motivating life outside my little office. I’m not afraid of the questions and all the doubts regarding my business, because I f***ing rock and I’m doing the best I can daily! Because I stand strong for whatever I do, I’m skilled, qualified and passionate to make a difference in my own and others life. And that I’m going to start doing right now!

Healthy lifestyle and mindfulness blogger Healthy lifestyle and mindfulness blogger

So why new year resolutions should begin now? Because only now will make a difference, not tomorrow. Only by taking and action now will bring you closer to whatever goal you set. And that action doesn’t have to be huge or doesn’t particularly have to take lots of your time. It can be simple, in fact – very little, but that little can a make a big difference. And here’s how you can start making that difference from today:

How to make a difference today?
• Create a plan. And be as strict as you can! Begin with Step 1: write down what do you want to have, be, do, or achieve. Then go ahead with Step 2: write down how much of investment it will take – or how much the particular things that you wish to have/do will cost. Then have the final sum, add the amount of your monthly expenses like bills, rent, grocery shopping, etc – divide it to 30 (days) and get the final amount of money you need to make daily to achieve your goals. Now Step 3: write down what needs to be done to achieve that daily income – make a list of tasks that you’ll be doing daily. Step 4: DO IT NOW. Write at least four things you will do right after you finish writing it. Then write 5-6 more for tomorrow, day after tomorrow, and for the rest of your week.
• Commit. Make a commitment, and let it be the priority number 1 daily! Also, make sure you understand and believe in whatever you want to achieve and why are you doing this. It has to be reasonable enough to be most important, so you will easily commit to it.
• Set triggers. Put all the sticky notes, set up reminders, write down on a chalkboard, send yourself notifications or whatever to keep you reminded about your goals and tasks that need to be taken. Make sure you remind yourself at least 3 times a day why you’re doing this and why it’s so important! And then stick to the plan. Set reminders not only for this week – set them monthly!
• Believe. Believe in yourself and love yourself! Bad days will come around, but don’t stretch yourself too thin – take a break, relax, sit back, meditate, exercise – keep yourself inspired and active! Give yourself credit after each task by complimenting yourself and looking back at what you’ve already done! You did an amazing job, you are able to keep doing it and you will do more. You’re the best proof for yourself, and you don’t need any other!
• Stay positive. Always! Even if there’s something that’s bringing you to tears or hurts to the bones – let it go and stay positive!
• Don’t give up. NEVER.

How to make a difference today?

As I said: bad days will come, but they will also go. So will the negative people and their negativity. Yes! Don’t be afraid to let them go – trust me, you don’t need them in your life. Toxic friendships and relationships sometimes can be behind all the fear we surround ourselves with, so ask yourself twice whether it’s likely to change so they deserve your second chance or not. Don’t be afraid to loose, because you won’t be loosing anything in the end. Actually opposite – you will thank yourself later for this, and you’ll be the one who will win!

Have a marvelous time with all the special people you’re going to celebrate NYE with! We are heading to the city with couple of friends, and rumor has it – lots of adventure ahead guaranteed! I’m always so excited about New Years Eve and the celebration – I think this night is so powerful and full of magic, so be careful what you wish for while popping up the champagne and watching fireworks, because wishes they do come true, especially on such special nights like this! Have an amazing New Year. Let it be fearless, adventurous and ever inspiring! xo


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