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It’s been a while, huh? Although they were right when they said that time flies and heals all the broken hearts and souls. Mine wasn’t broken, but needed some healing as well. Being honest, that’s why it has taken me all this time and why I haven’t been as consistent and active on my blog and social media as I used to. So much has changed, so much has happened. And today I’m here to share some of that, to open that very part of myself which often would rather hide or pretend that everything’s fine… but not today, not this time. If you’re keen to meet the very transparent version of me – then stick for more and keep on reading.

I’m sipping my green tea at my new apartment while typing this, on this beautiful evening showered with all the blossoms from the garden and gorgeous sunset. Yes, I finally got the whole apartment for myself and it feels just right. I’ve always rented and shared places with others, but this time I decided that I need my own space, I need that freedom and independency, and maybe that sounds too lonely for some – not for me. I’m digging it, I’m owning this shit, because it was so much needed!

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And so here it begins: another relationship is over. And yet again I’m not heartbroken. Last time I was heartbroken after walking out of the relationship (I was 21), I promised myself to never let anyone affect me that much, because heartbreak is a killer, and loosing myself like this again would definitely kill me.

Although this relationship has ended months ago, I just kept it quite all this time to sort out things for myself, and get my shit together.
And this ain’t gonna be another sad story that people often tell after the breakup. Mine is happy and I’m happy, excited and looking forward for all the wilderness and adventure that’s ahead of me! I’m breathing in the fresh air of the future and it feels just right, nothing like I was breathing in before.

This relationship has ended because the air was too toxic. And we both knew that, we both felt that. We both were trashing it daily and pretended that everything’s fine for way too long. Luckily, not until things got too ugly. The scariest part was the time – it didn’t feel right. But is it ever right? Now I’ve learnt that time might never look and feel right, but that’s exactly when you need to take an action and do whatever you feel you’ve got to do. It will be scary, it will be stressful, it might be hard – but it will get better, and then you will see that it was worth to do, or at least to try.

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I’m not gonna do a breakup kinda post – or am I doing it already? I actually just wanted to say that sometimes what works for one doesn’t have to work for other, and that doesn’t make anyone wrong, or too weird, or even stupid – it’s part of being your own self, figuring out what works for you. And congratulations for doing that, for trying, failing, and learning. This is life and that’s what being alive is!

I now know that typical relationship does not work for me. I haven’t had that many, but the couple I had were enough for me to realize that I need something different if I really want to achieve my own goals and follow my passions, do my things, be happy, be healthy, be active, be confident, love myself and life in general. I need more freedom, I need more space. And all the expectations that come with the typical relationship ain’t my thing. I don’t like the stereotypes, the constant other person’s guidance, I don’t like the control thing either. And yes, I did that myself, and I hated it. I hated myself for being a control freak, for being too jealous, for not being free and trashing other person’s freedom as well. How ironic!

But that happens when two people have different values, when their passions are too different, when they want different things and are on different missions.

Some say the relationship is healthy and successful when you meet the right person, others say it might never work until you will be ready or mature enough. I don’t know the right answer for that, I just know what I want and I believe that there’s someone out there who wants something very similar.

What is that, you may ask… Oh I don’t know, it’s hard to describe. But I’m gonna figure that out, I guess. I’ve got loads ahead of me, and I’m coming for it!

But enough of that – let’s catch up with the exciting and inspiring!


• Ok, so since the relationship/breakup topic was touched in today’s post – I highly recommend to read this – written by Ainsley from Sticks and Stones Agency. There’s so much I could relate to, and I also found so much inspiration in her words. Girls, read that, you need it!
• You might already read the very emotional Brad Pitt’s interview, but if you haven’t yet – then do. Or just do it again! I’ve read it three times already, I’m sure there’ll be more!
• Have you watched the #girlboss on Netfilx yet? Do it! But you might as well need to read this interview by the main actress from the tv series before! There’s so much hatred going on for this tv series, Sophia Amoruso, and I find it very disgusting and narrow-minded. But this interview puts all the dots together!
• Although if you’re keen for some more girlboss fashion inspiration – make sure to check out Naa’s brand and read her interview as well! So inspiring :)
• More of the girlpower and some explanation why the strongest ones often feel insecure.

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• I’ll be honest – I haven’t been the best example for myself when it comes to nutrition. I’ve been terrible actually. And so I need to get back on track and get serious with that. Here’s one of the posts I’ve written which now I find very helpful for myself as well – how to make your meals healthier and tastier, bring it on!
• Neither the fitness is in my daily life anymore – going full naughty, I admit. But reading these 5 reasons for finding more time to exercise inspired me. So I’m getting back at that, starting yesterday!
• If you often feel that you haven’t done enough, or you aren’t enough in general – read this. I’ve been struggling with that lately, and so this post is a great reminder not to! :)


So, I’m going to change things a bit on this blog – I have discovered some brands that I’m so excited to share, as well as I have watched heaps of documentaries, read bunch of articles which raised more awareness regarding the environment and my lifestyle in general. So I want to bring more of that to this blog, which means that you can expect more sustainable, organic, recycled here. I hope you will like it!

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If this post inspired at least one of you – then it’s a win, a highlight of my day, the whole week! :)
So stay weird, be yourself, and make the most out of your life daily! Don’t be afraid to take the scariest steps that need to be taken in order for you to grow, and change for the better, achieve all of your biggest dreams and move forward! And always… have fun!


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