Life lately – taking some time off!

The past few days have been quite hectic to me. At some point I got really tired of doing my best and going over the limit daily. I know I’ve talked a lot about balance, the importance of winding off and don’t get me wrong – I do this occasionally. But lately I haven’t been feeling like myself, there’s something going on and I need some time to figure it out. Maybe I’m just growing older and the upcoming birthday is the reason behind it (they say we all are a bit more sensitive during the month we were born), maybe I just need to step back from all the blogging thing a little, have a break and source for some inspiration. Maybe I just need some time with myself, and I’m going to have bit of that since we are going on the road trip this Wednesday. Although I’ll be honest – I’ve been super sensitive for the past few days and that has showed me another part of myself which I want to learn more about…

I want to live through those feelings and learn how to deal with them. I feel thirsty for real emotions and experiences, and I’m going to take the most out of those this week. Thus I’m not saying that life hasn’t been real till now – it was. But I haven’t been this sensitive… like for so long now, and this time I’m not going to force myself to suck it all up, or fight them, or even worse – ignore them. I’m going to observe them all, ask questions and look for answers. And I’m not afraid of failing, although I’m not afraid of the changes and growth. And I get a sense that this year has going be a lot about that.

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And that’s why I’m going to be shorter and quicker with today’s post :) So let’s source some inspiration and motivation together – I think that has been missed on this blog, right?


• Have you watched Golden Globes yet? We did couple of parts of it, still not finished though, getting there! I haven’t yet checked all the winners, as per usual – we are betting on those, but there’s so much to catch up on their site and that’s pretty exciting if you want to skip the whole show or want to rewind the best parts!
This song has been on repeat today, and definitely The Amazing Spiderman is behind it since I’ve watched both parts twice this weekend. I’m just kinda obsessed with their love story, and I’m not ashamed of that! :P
• My new discovery – Yigal Ozeri a painter from Israel based in NYC who paints women in nature. Yes, these all are oil paintings and I’m amazed!
• I’ve already watched this video like 5 times, and still cannot decide whether it’s too much about details or these are legit?
• Check out my all time favorite stationery and planners, notebooks from kikki.K! Yes, I’ve got one myself – it was a gift for Christmas, and I can’t put in words how much I love everything from that store!

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• I still stand for the cruelty free, organic and natural beauty products and the makeup factory is absolutely one of my favorite brands!
• Loving the comfort in fashion lately, and this outfit is pretty much all about that. Thus still chick and quite special!
• If ya already started your New Year resolution thing and it includes fitness or even if not – here I’ve got you a quick motivational post and few tips which will help you to find more time for that!
• Don’t miss a chance and enter this giveaway to win 100$ voucher for JORD Wood Watches and be my guest to tell me about your favorite one to get another additional 50$ and 25$ off! Ya heard me right, check out this post, join the list & shoot me an email with more deets about your favorite watch to redeem the additional vouchers!
• Yes, we are going on a 5 day road trip this Wednesday to Albany and Esperance and that I’m so excited about! But before, please take a look at some photos from our previous road trip to Margaret River here and here!


• I know I’ve mentioned this before, but we are finally starting the new fitness profile and that we are planning to launch sometime next week! We’ve got a group of people to join us for evening workout routines and it’s going to be really exciting as well as we are going to share all the experiences on instagram! So stick around and I will let you know when it’s out!
• Since our road trip starts early on Wednesday morning – make sure you follow me on instagram as I’m going to bombard ya with lots of photos and stories!

Healthy lifestyle & mindfulness blogger Healthy lifestyle & mindfulness blogger

So yes, I’m taking this week off from blogging and I will be back sometime next week with heaps of photos & videos from our road trip! While in meantime – make sure you don’t stretch yourself too thin and find some time to relax and wind off! Have a great week, peeps!


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