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Our weekends lately are dedicated either to family or friends, and so was this! We’ve celebrated one friend’s birthday, then headed to the woods to spent some time with others… Unfortunately I forgot my camera, which I so oh so regret as the view and moments were priceless! Tho memories – they will stay forever. I know it’s kinda silly to start appreciating what you have only when there’s little time left, but we now try to give as much as possible to the people that are so important to us, and that eventually pays off as well. I really can say that this summer was one of the biggest in my life: it was filled with so much love and friendship. I’m blessed to be surrounded with so many incredible and kind people and I do know that this time it will last! Tho when I say ‘many’ I don’t actually mean hundreds or probably even 20. But these few people that I have in my life are so great that it feels like there’s a lot of them!

Only with the help of these people I’ve learnt to be kinder, nicer and more open-minded to others. I now try to forget the thing called judgement and focus on the positive. I’ve always believed that what goes around, comes back around and so I do till this very day today. And since I don’t really like people being negative or too categorical, – I’ve learnt to be more positive and flexible myself. Even tho that we still get quite a few negative opinions about our move to Australia, I’ve also learnt not to be sensitive about it and see that it’s actually other’s issue, not mine.

We focus on the positive. We don’t think about how it’s going to be hard at the beginning and how much we still don’t know. We focus on the adventure and challenge we are accepting and that we are doing this for the better! It’s never been easy, and it will never be, but I’d rather think about something that’s so exciting ahead of us than put all the fear and even more stress into my head. I find it not logical as well as pointless to do, and I don’t really understand this point of view about life and all the drama…

It’s time to forget the pride and be more down to earth. You can’t know everything, and you will never do. You can’t guarantee anything, and especially if you haven’t tried it yourself. So be positive, focus on the better, cause all the negativity you spread – it will come right back at ya, and chances are – doubled.

Speaking about pride – we had quite a conversation this weekend and we all agreed that there’s no such a better thing as being big, but being simple and honest also! There are people that some of us might know, as well as there are people all around the world who are rich, successful and whom have achieved a lot, but they are far away from what we call “human beings”. As well as there are people who think they are ‘something’, but actually they aren’t. I’m glad that none of my friends or family have these kind of issues, but it always bugs me when I get to meet anyone like that. And I’m glad that some of these people are out of my life as well as I don’t really bother of sometimes even loosing them. Pride is something that you don’t talk about. Let others do it! Let others compliment and tell you how big you are. There’s no need to be too self-critical, but don’t lose your mind because of the money, or the attention you might get. Let the result and your achievements talk about you, and focus on the actual process and actions. Don’t forget: what goes around, comes back around ;) While now let’s see what’s inspiring!

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• One of the most inspiring people to me, and actually one of my idols is Matthew McConaughey. I love him being so so ordinary, so cool and so hilarious! Look at these photos of him sitting alone at the Olympics. Oh, and his Youtube account – he’s the best, really! That’s what I call being huuuuge, and being ordinary and simple in a meantime! :)
• We are obsessed with this TV Series ‘The Get Down’ and the whole moral behind it! So inspiring indeed :)
• I love wearing comfy clothes and feeling comfortable in them! This Blue Naive dress that you only see little in the photos above is my absolute favorite lately.
• Speaking about clothes – have you noticed the socks I’m wearing? These are Funky Little Fellas that me and a boy are obsessed with! I’ve got a pair for him, and more of these fellas are coming soon enough!
• Since we are dreamers, and especially – I am, I really can’t wait for the early mornings at the beach as well as the breakfast. We definitely are going to have something like that!

funky fellas, socks, lifestyle blogger SOMETHING FROM THE ARCHIVES:
• I’m currently packed with the work, but still booking for September and October, so if you like something similar to this logo design work I’ve done for Photful or even something different – better rush & get in touch! :)
• As much as I consider myself as being quite organized and disciplined, I still do need to remind myself from time to time how to keep everything in order and not to lose my mind. This post I find as a great reminder, I think you will do as well!
• Summer, I will never have enough of ya! As well as of this outfit :)
• Still drinking these, and still very happy as well as disciplined. They are real helpful, you can trust me!


Being honest – not much. I’m going to take couple of weeks off from blogging, maybe just this one as I really have lots to share so hopefully I’ll be able to manage and will come back soon enough! But in regards that there’s shit loads of stuff to do – I really need to take my mind off the blogging in order not to lose it and burn out. In fact – I’ve already had couple of those, and don’t want it to happen again. I’m not stressing about the move, but I’m stressing about the things we need to finish and do while still here + there’s lots of work to be done, and my clients always come first. I know you will understand and I won’t be apologizing for this. But if you’d like to stay in touch – let’s catch up over instagram as I’m going to be quite active out there these upcoming weeks!

I hope life’s treating you good and you’re doing well! Let me know your stories and inspirations in comments below. I’d like to hear how you’ve been and what interesting you’ve got to tell. Oh, also! If you have any recommendations for Istanbul – let me know! We are going to spend 12 hours in Istanbul while traveling to Australia, so I guess we’d like to leave the airport for a bit and see what’s around. If you got anything in mind – put them all in comments, yo! And have a great week, my friend!


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