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I do believe that environment has a huge impact to all of us, and that I have proven to myself many times. However, I do also believe in the power of the mindset, and that’s what I’d like to talk about in today’s post. Apparently, the reason I came up with this topic wasn’t as positive as I wished it would have been. But here again I got to face my mind, and thankfully I’m so in peace down there :)

It started with one message through instagram, it made me smile, however I had a little debate in my mind whether that’s something I’d say to someone or if I would ever come up with such an idea at all… Then I received and email, another two messages, another email, couple of comments, as well as my boyfriend got few of those… And as much as I’d like to keep ignoring this in a most positive way as I did so far, I’d also like to thank you for asking and inspiring me to speak more about this powerful mindset that we have in meantime!

Thus, the things people have said weren’t much something I’d call a question. It was more like a fact, or something that supposed to be obvious… Apparently – not for us. So here’s my answer to the fact that it must be very hard to adapt in Australia, as there are heaps of difficulties, and everything’s so expensive here, and that is a big country where all the immigrants feel unwanted, and that it’s super hard to get a job, or save money for the future, the list goes on…ohhh… Where this all is coming from in a first place? It’s so brave to say such things, especially if you have never been to Australia and just heard some rumors about it. Or even if it’s based on your own or someone else’s experience, how can you apply this to everyone? Anyways. Nowhere is perfect! And everywhere you will have to face some kind of difficulties, some of them will be bigger, some may not. In fact, the matter isn’t in the place, country or city – it’s not about environment after all, it’s about your mind!

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We did have many difficulties back home, but we got to face some here as well. It’s not about the weight of the difficulties, or how serious they are. Is about the mind and the way you’re dealing with it. Maybe yes, the environment, the weather and that never ending sun has a huge impact in our case, as the way we are looking at things right now is definitely different than it was before.
But I’m not saying that now here in Australia everything’s so way better and easier for us, or that we would never go back to our country as here is a paradise. Well, being honest – sometimes we do feel and even say that this part of the world is much like a paradise, BUT that doesn’t mean it’s perfect.

It wasn’t perfect in Lithuania either, and at some points it was a bit harder for us. Here we find some things easier, but some definitely are not. Now we are looking at everything from a different perspective. It’s not always unicorns and marshmallows, but it has never been like that. We do hustle, in fact – a lot. But now we enjoy it more than ever. We wake up early and are inspired daily to embrace the new day and all the lessons we get to learn. We would found ourselves more lazy back home, because we didn’t much like the cold and dark Lithuania, and we didn’t find it as inspiring as everything here in Australia. But it’s us, and it does not apply to everyone.

So with all the respect to all those people whom sent me these messages I want to say that no matter what kind of difficulties we got to face, and even if we didn’t yet – everything’s not about them. We now have a different mindset, it took us all the way from Lithuania to Australia to achieve one (and we are constantly working on it), but it all makes sense in the end, as it’s all for the growth and better version of ourselves. So I don’t really understand the purpose of these kind of facts, and questions, as I don’t really see the reason behind those. If it’s coming from the jealousy – then God bless you all! I really wish and hope for everyone to find their own best way and place to make peace with yourselves and achieve that powerful mindset which will help you to deal with all the possible difficulties you get to face! Cause that power is huge.

Even though that some days I don’t really feel as balanced as I might have felt yesterday, or I do even have some bad thoughts about myself in my head, and might even say it out loud – I do get back to that healthy middle and appreciate the life I’ve got in the end of the day. Cause that healthy middle is the balance I was so seeking for, and it helps me to bounce from whatever negative comes to my mind. And I truly believe that’s the healthy… When you do fail, you do get some bad days and some bad thoughts about yourself, but they are as much temporary as not so true in the end, because you don’t stress too much if you failed or had some down moments in your life. You do know they are normal, but they are temporary, and everything will be just find in the end.

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I might have gone way too far with all that I’ve said above, but I hope it makes sense :) That’s how I see the power of mindset, and hopefully I’ll be growing even bigger with each day, and with all that future is holding for me. While now….


• I’ve done some guest posting for this ever inspiring fellow blogger Rae! Recently I’ve shared a 5 reasons why everyone should consider a morning workout routine for their daily life :) I hope that post will inspire you as well!
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• My dear friend Kotryna has also shared some amazing blogging tips for all those busy bees (me included) about maintaining blogging and business when you don’t have much of a free time. She pointed out everything so well, and now it seems that there’s no such a thing as no free time, haha!
• There’s something I’m going to make this week, something that I’ve been waiting for… and that is – hummus! Thanking Solamita for a great recipe!

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• Remember last week I’ve talked about the time to show up? Well yeah, it’s coming. I’ve been preparing something for ya! But in this post I’ve also shared some photography from our little road trip to Margaret River, so today’s photos are some kind of a Part 2! These have been taken at Yallingup Reef and Hamelin Bay. Gorgeous places indeed!
• I also would like to remind you that there’s a FREE 7 day fitness course which is a great way to begin a new workout routine, or add up something to your current one. It’s suitable for both: advanced and beginners, as well as there’s no gear needed! I really invite you to sign up for this, because more is coming, and you’d be the first one to know when exactly! :)
• I’ve also received my new batch of Begu Detox Teas and these reminded me how important is drinking liquids and how much wonder it does. I’ve written a review about these teas, and I really invite ya to check it out and learn more about it. It’s only been a week, but I’m already feeling better only by sipping those daily :)
• Even though that it’s +30 and counting.. they say it will get to +37 today! …. I still feel that Christmas is coming! :) We got to watch Harry Potter this weekend, and I baked some gluten and sugar free muffins again. They were gone in couple of hours. Make sure you try those, they definitely can work for Christmas as well!


• I know I’ve promised it last week, and regards my busy schedule – I couldn’t make it. But this week it’s coming for sure! I will bringing in a new workout routine, and that you can expect sometime on Thursday.
• Speaking of which – you can also expect some more of the fitness back to this blog and my social media! I’m dedicating the whole month for it, so get ready!
• Some fashion inspirations on my instagram, and definitely some more photography!

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Let me know how you’ve been and how’s your life lately! Have you ever thought about the power of your mindset and if it have ever helped/inspired you in some ways? :) Please do share them all in comments below, I’m always looking forward to read those! While now have a great week!


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