Life lately – doing nothing still can be inspiring

This weekend was quite exceptional to me. I decided to do nothing, to allow myself just to hang around wearing pajamas all day long and getting lost in endless tv series marathon. And as much as it was refreshing, I also felt quite empty at the end. So I promised myself to make this ‘doing nothing’ weekends be more meaningful and inspiring, since embracing a new week with not a ready mind for it isn’t a great feeling after all either.

Thus it wasn’t too late for me to flip the cards: I felt quite bored on Saturday Eve already, so I decided to make Sunday better – I grabbed my book and went for some sunbathing and reading at a beach. But there’s still one thing that I regret not doing – and that my friend is workout. Yes, for the very first time in two months I skipped weekend workouts. And it was terrible. I guess I just had to prove myself that exercises are crucial for both: my body and soul. And oh boy, it really is! I now cannot even think of how lazy my mind was – all I wanted to do is just to lay on a couch while snacking junk food and watching ‘Sex & The City’. Yes, we do need those days from time to time, but I guess I still kinda prefer early morning workouts and productive weekend adventure instead. So I decided to come up with a plan on staying inspired by doing nothing over the weekends.

healthy lifestyle, blogger, Australia, Ocean, I truly agree that our mind and body needs to rest. However, rest doesn’t particularly has to be laying on a couch with Chinese takeaway right next to ya. And that feeling of not wanting to do anything is a false alarm of being actually bored of your every day’s routine with a hint of tiredness. So instead of wasting your time and feeling even worse in the end – make sure you rest well by not doing anything that’s related to your week day routine and plans, and by tricking your mind. Yes, you gotta come up with your own ideas and plans, but here are mine for the inspiration!

By tricking your mind I meant that: if you crave some naughty food – remind yourself that it’s just food, chances are you will forget how good it tasted after an hour, but you won’t forget how heavy you feel and then the food might have a few more annoying consequences later as well. Simply play around with your cravings – avoid having too much sugar or salty and fat. If it’s something sweet that you’re craving – get some fruits, or dark chocolate instead. You might feel like craving something else, but trust me – when you give your body an alternative, a better version of your cravings – it then becomes easy to trick your mind as well. And so you feel better physically and mentally in the end.

The same goes for laying around and doing nothing – you can definitely do that, but maybe this could be a better version of it. Lay around by watching some inspiring movie, or tv series. Or instead – read a book which will bring that unexpected enormous boost of energy and inspiration to you. And you can also do even better: trick your mind, kick your own butt, dress up and get out. Go for a walk around a block, drive to a local forest, simply spend some time in a nature thinking about your dreams and goals, about your tomorrow’s outfit for work, or maybe something that’s on your wishlist and you’ve been dreaming about for quite a while now. This might inspire you to take more of an action or simply to spend your free time differently.

healthy lifestyle blogger, fitness, Australia, Ocean, It does usually work for me. For example: even though that I’m more of a ‘True Detective’, ‘Fargo’, ‘Stranger Things’, ‘Peaky Blinders’ and ‘Westworld’ kinda girl – there’s one girly tv series that I enjoy and that is ‘Sex & The City’. Why? Cause it inspires me to look better, dress better, give myself that very needed personal time for home made beauty retreats, etc. So I was craving for something easy to watch, for something super girly. And while I was catching up with each episode I also thought about my wardrobe – I’ve arranged couple of outfits for the upcoming meetings this week, I put some face and hair masks on, had some little manicure and pedicure time, and allowed myself not to cook for the whole weekend for once!
And trust me – getting up from the couch I don’t find so easy either. But I know I will regret not doing something for myself rather more than sparing the extra nerve by kicking my own butt and getting up.

So I do something more exciting instead, however – that something isn’t so big and doesn’t require a lot of a hard work either. But doing something more exciting and inspiring does have a huge impact on your future as well. These become a habit, just like laying around on a couch with junk food does. If you allow yourself to have either of them – you will find yourself repeating them more often within time. So choose to repeat the better, choose to become a better version of yourself! Start from your mind – trick it if needed, no matter how lazy it is. Tell yourself you can do it and it’s for the better, then transfer your thoughts into actions and feel better in general in the long run.

I hope that does really inspire you to spend your lazy days more meaningfully. Do let me know how do you manage with your laziness, and how hard do you find to kick your own butt?


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• Since I’m getting back into my running routine (which I haven’t been in good friendship with for the last year) – I’m really grateful that I’m finally getting back on track. Can’t wait for my first 10km! But before – here are some tips for those whom are just starting to run.
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More breakfast ideas! Since I’ve been asked by quite a few people what do I eat in a day, I thought I’d go ahead and share my diet with everyone here on the blog. However, I don’t eat the same food daily, so I decided to share a few of my breakfast ideas with you first, then some snacks, lunch and dinner will follow up. I’m quite excited about this one, I hope you’re as well! :) So, this week I’m bringing in some ideas for breakfast, yay. Stick around!
• Time flies so fast, it’s crazy. It even brought me to tears and made me think of how much has happened during the last year. I’m so proud of myself and how big I’ve grown. I’m going to share more of that soon on this blog, as I’m going to bring some kind of a review of 2016 post which is coming soon, I promise!
• But before that – I’ll share with you my healthier gift ideas for Christmas. This is coming sooner, and I’m sure you will like it! :)
• And some fashion inspirations for the upcoming Festive! I’ve got something real pretty arriving to my doorstep and that I’m so excited about!

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Let me know what are you excited about lately? Share yours in comments below!
As for us – we are going to have a very interesting Christmas this year, and even though it still doesn’t really feel like that at all – deep down I’ve got this Christmas spirit, and it’s about to come out, I know! We brought a little Christmas tree to our apartment, and some more candles and Christmas lights. Still haven’t got a chance to put and arrange everything, but the upcoming weekend is going to be dedicated for that. I think some ginger cookie baking time included as well! So excited :)

Have a great week, friends!


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