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YAAS. Finally we’ve spent that quality time in woods which was pure magic! I can’t put in words how nature is inspiring to me, and this time we’ve also managed to take some photos and brainstorm our future plans. Of course, behind all that the huge part takes love, and that is my boy! I truly believe that good relationship must be built on inspiration. And here we are doing just great! :) But let’s not talk about the relationships goals, not yet, tho instead – some usual Monday inspiration source! Click through for more :)

Something from the web:

• How drooling are these family meals?! And there you get 7 of those – I’m in! Are ya? :)
• My friend Rae has got an eye for the organic cosmetic, and this time she has shared some facial cleansers which are definitely on my list!
• How beautiful is this LA house?
• So in love with this dress! Definitely a must for this summer!
• Speaking about fashion – take a look at the best street styles from Sydney fashion week yay!
• This Sunday’s cake recipe from Bluebird blog is definitely a must!
• My dear friend Kotryna has shared some great tips about running the Etsy shop! Give it a go if you’re about to open or already have one!
• As I said we are planning our short holidays and this post from White Oak Creative about blogging break has inspired me even more!

photography, nature, Lithuania nature, woods, Lithuania Something from the archives:

• All the fans of Pinterest out there – this one’s a must for ya! Tho it’s actually not only for the fans, more for bloggers and business owners. Pinterest is a tool Nr.1 to promote the visual part of your business and reach the right audience, so ya better spare some time and read this one!
• Still very much into those flower patterns and flared pants. Are you?!
Free 7 day Fitness E-Course is definitely for those who like to exercise in a smarter way and looking for them long lasting results! + Me sharing a story behind all this!
• When it comes to food – I’m so into fish lately, and this recipe definitely has to be redone!

What’s exciting coming up:

Workout routine – come back for one tomorrow! We are going to talk about the stressful days and why breathing is so important!
OOTD – that silver skirt is coming back for more!
Food recipe. Yas, I know it’s been a while, tho I’m so into this lately and definitely more healthier. Friday is the day!

I know it ain’t much, but I can promise soon more of the design work that has taken all of my time lately. Tho it’s real exciting and I’m super tempted to share all that with you! Hopefully soon enough! Tho if any of you are already planning them summer holidays – don’t forget that I’m also! Make sure you get your spot for the Branding or Blog Design work as there aren’t much of those left, yo! While now enjoy the rest of the nature & have a productive day, Y’all! :)

nature, woods, Lithuania

Lithuania, woods, nature,

Lithuania, woods, natureLithuania, woods, nature


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