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Two days of constant sweat in bed (yes, it got as ugly as it sounds) with my nose blocked, I finally managed to recover and started enjoying life as never before. I guess we do need to reach our lowest in order to arise for the better. I’m not saying that this is something every now and then one should experience, but it does shake your head a bit and you start seeing life from a different angle, not to mention how much you then appreciate those good old days. And I thought I was doing real well with my health; I was exercising and eating better for the last month – even got into some detox routine. But these contrasts of very hot and cold knocked me down. I blame it on aircons: these bastards did really have a big impact in this. Anyways, rant is over! I’m glad to be back fully recovered and ready to rock! And oh boy, this weekend has made the whole point as it was majestic! If you’d like to learn more about it as well as how I kept myself sane while sweating in bed – keep on reading as I’ve got some mouthwatering photos and great advices for finding happiness when you hit the rock bottom!

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But before I get started – let’s talk about this blog for a bit and what’s going on in general.
I know I haven’t been as constant as I used to, and many of you already asked me if there’ll be more workout routines, food recipes, and how’s my life going in general… I’m glad you like my recent posts, and I appreciate your interest, although I promise I will get back on track as I’ve got something excited to share with you all as well as some nutrition and fitness content planned which is coming soon enough! I feel weird by apologizing, but seeing how interested you are in those motivates me a lot and gives more weight and meaning for that kind of content in general!

I wasn’t taking a break, actually – I was giving myself bit of a study time so I could bring more value and more quality regarding nutrition and fitness to this blog. These are the things I’m very passionate about, but I felt that passion isn’t enough. Now I have collected more knowledge when it comes to exercises and nutrition and I feel more confident to provide you with better advices for a healthier lifestyle. So stay tuned – something good is coming! :)

While now let’s get back to today’s topic: mind full of sand!

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And so it was. And so it is! In a good way, though! This weekend filled my head with sand, and that was expected of course – we slept in sand dunes, covered with stars, orange moon and milky way. Oh what a night it was! Warm and as peaceful as it could get. These memories I will cherish forever, that’s no brainer! But that came with a price tag, as I’ve already mentioned.

Last week on Tuesday we went to Rottnest Island (if you follow me on instagram you’ve already seen it) – the trip was amazing, this place is definitely one of my favorites on Earth and the post for it is also coming! Although, on a way back home we had this freezing trip on a boat which made me tremble like a puppy on a cold, rainy night. And that was when I caught a cold which then leaded me to get stuck in bed for a few days, feeling terribly sick (vomit included) and covered in napkins. On top of that I felt super stressed because I had some work deadlines to meet by the end of the week and that I had to postpone. I always get very anxious when it comes to work, – my clients are very important to me, you see. I take their businesses and brands seriously and all the work I do for them is like a baby to me. So not being able to finish the work on time, especially when the deadline is so tight – can often bring me to tears.

Despite all that I still managed to find silver lining and decided to focus on the positive, because it’s not the end of the world eventually. Although I MUST mention that my clients are saint – I appreciate their support, kindness and understanding as it meant a lot to me! And so here I have a few tips for anyone who’s often struggle to find happiness when they hit the rock bottom.

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GET INTO QUITE PLACE. Get away from all the noise, hustle and the bustle so that you can hear the voice of your heart that is often drowned out by the noise of the crowd or daily tasks. Use the time to breathe, to heal, to accept life and to grow. Meditate, lie down in a bathtub, or simply sit back, close your eyes and relax for a few minutes at least. Realize that it’s in the valley you glow and new growth begins and that current situation isn’t forever.
DON’T PUT UP RESISTANCE TO THE PLACE WHERE YOU ARE. Give yourself permission to be where you are so that you can listen for that glimmer of hope and see the light at the end of the tunnel. Resistance to change makes life more difficult and harder to accept. Putting up an internal or even external fight to change, might bring about more pain and suffering.
TAKE THE RESPONSIBILITY FOR WHAT YOU’RE GOING THROUGH. You’ve got to take ownership of your own life. Don’t blame others for what you are faced with or you are going through. By doing that you are giving up your power to them and are denying yourself the opportunity for change and new growth to come about. In order to change situations, you have got to take responsibility. Face it. It is how you get through it.
NOTE: IT’S A GOOD TIME TO CONDUCT A SELF-ASSESSMENT. I did not say an assessment on your business or even business strategy. This is about looking on the inside of you at places that no one else can see but you know that exist. You alone know about those blind spots. The places within that are still bleeding and needs time to heal – the disappointment, the friend who betrayed your trust and even the one who you need to forgive.
GET RID OF ALL THE DEAD WEIGHT. Dead weight is not just about old hurts, hurtful situations in your past or things that you just have no control over. This has to do also with getting rid of negative people and those who simply have no connection whatsoever to your purpose in life. Or even the exact events: don’t fill your head with some regrets – let it go instead. This happened and it’s done. Period. You can’t go back in time and change it, but you can live today, – so make it better, focus on the positive!
DON’T COUNT YOURSELF OUT. There is greatness inside of you. With all that you have done or even accomplished in life, you have not yet tapped into your full potential. No matter what, keep a positive attitude which can either improve your situation or degrade it. Your struggles and your low place are the pathway to your new life and your future ahead. Never accept failure as an option. It’s NOT! Be kind to yourself and find the lesson while in your low place. That is the key to you rising to become the extraordinary person you were meant to be!

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I hope you’ll find these tips helpful and that whenever you feel at your lowest – you’ll pick up yourself easier! Just remember: this isn’t going to last forever. And if you can’t change your very current situation, or go back in time – don’t be too harsh on yourself. Treat yourself right instead. Start with little steps, look for the positive side – it’s always there, I promise!

Let me know how was your weekend and how’s your life going lately! Share all that in comments below. And now have a great rest of the week!

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