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As I already mentioned in my recent instagram post – I had such a busy weekend, with heaps of brainstorming and new beginnings! It was a good one indeed! Plus I kinda managed to stay away from my laptop and social media, so it was a great detox as well. Now I’m fully ready to get back to work and blogging! So today I’d like to talk about social media detox, why it’s so important and why I highly recommend it for everyone! :)

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Many would say that couple of days away from social media isn’t enough to count as a proper detox, but for someone who’s into this daily as it’s part of his or her job — two days can do wonders, trust me!

Although, I don’t agree with such sayings that social media is all fake nowadays or that it only affects many in negative way (and that’s not a reason why I did this detox). As much as it’s got a lot of point – I still rather think that one shouldn’t blame whole social or any kind of media, or anyone for his own lifestyle, achievements, complexes, and let it to be another excuse for not taking actions and changing his mindset and life for the better.

But before I get started — I’d love to note that I have a lot of empathy for people who struggle with things such as depression, health issues, being not supported, understood or simply being stuck in a dark hole where things don’t seem to be working in life in general. I’ve been there, and I know how hard it can get after breakdowns, breakups, major failures in career and relationship.

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I still sometimes struggle with such things, and yes – I do have ups and downs, and not always I feel great about my life, but that’s what being human means, that’s part of the balance. I do still find it hard to not compare myself and my life with others. I still often feel that I’m not doing enough, or that I haven’t achieved enough in general. More about that you can read in my previous post, but today let’s talk more about the affection from social media.

You see, it’s easy to get stuck in this rollercoaster of not always positive affection from social media, but here again – it’s no one’s fault. It might sound harsh – but it’s all in your power, it’s all you. I know…but don’t be quick to drop this down and judge – let’s be more open minded.

It’s true, there are a lot of people out there on social media that are fake, aggressive, and negative – but so does real life have heaps of those as well! The most important thing, just as in real life, is to make sure you hang out with the right people who don’t make you feel bad about yourself! Don’t be afraid to get rid off people in your life whom are aggressive, negative and fake. You’ve done with that? Awesome. Now get rid off this kind of people from your social media feeds as well!

It’s you who let them into your life and let affect you in this negative way. It’s you who let them make you feel bad about your life, it’s not them. Chances are they weren’t meant to make you feel this way in a first place! Although, if someone makes you feel bad about something – ask yourself twice whether it’s really them, or it’s you that isn’t happy about your current situation in life and can’t accept it.

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We always envy things we don’t have, and we often don’t notice what good we are surrounded with, and that’s where we all are wrong. Thus, this is everyone’s personal issue which shouldn’t be put on someone else. And if you’ll keep looking for excuses and will keep blaming others for living their awesome life – nothing will change. You want to change the world? Start from yourself!

If you aren’t happy about your current situation, your achievements, your apartment, your spouse, your friends, your job, your health, your body type, etc – stop blaming others for doing their best, and start doing your best instead! I know it’s hard, and we often get exhausted, we often feel like we’ve done everything but we still find ourselves as failures. But have you heard anyone saying that it will be easy? Maybe for someone it is, for someone that was born rich, amazingly handsome, or always seemed to be lucky. But still it doesn’t mean that their life is always unicorns and marshmallows.

And that leads me to my second point – yes, life on social media is often being shown as kind of perfect. But you know why it’s like that? Because when you’re working on something, when you’re in the process, it’s really hard to think about recording it unless you have someone to do that for you. Majority doesn’t, because it’s usually a personal mission and when you’re in the process – that’s where your whole focus is as well. And that’s why it’s so much easier to record and share the final result with others, – we all do that. Plus, when you’re in the middle of the work you don’t really want to be disturbed either, am I right?

Ask yourself when was the last time you called your friend to tell him/her how hard right now you’re working and what you’re trying to pursue, or did you even think of taking photos and videos of this process when you were focused on doing something for 100%? Even if you did – then I’m not really sure whether you were so focused about the process after all. Because I, sure thing, don’t like to be disturbed, and I often turn off my phone when I’m working onto something big, something that later I might share on my social media or blog.

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Sometimes we are able to manage that and share behind the scenes of the process with others – and it’s fun! But sometimes we don’t have opportunity or abilities to do that so, and when this happens – we then share only the final result for which we often are blamed to be fake. You see where this is going?

My point is – don’t be too quick to judge others. Don’t be too quick to compare yourself with others either! Be more present! When you come across something that brings up envy in you – send love instead, take it as motivation to work harder, or to take a break and feel grateful about your present! Try this kind of mindset, and you’ll see how easier life can be!

And if your current situation is so shitty – then stop saying that right now! Do something good about it instead, and always start from being grateful! Name at least a few things that you’re so grateful today, it can begin with being healthy, or having this laptop, or phone which you are able to use and scroll through your social media. And always keep in mind – you’re already enough, no matter what. And if you aren’t happy right now – change your mindset, you can do better, we all can! Don’t ignore your emotions – embrace them and move on! It’s ok to be upset about your life, or anything – but it’s not ok to get stuck in it. If you can’t do it all by yourself – don’t be afraid to ask for help!

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Now let’s see why social media detox, even for couple of days, can help you with that:

You will find more time for other things that will affect you positively. Things like book reading, meditation, exercises, activities outdoors, catch ups with family, friends, pets, etc. You will then notice what a big amount of time you dedicate to social media and now you really have enough of time for fitness, or a cooking class!

You will find more time for yourself. Because we need to know ourselves better than anyone in our network! You will see that now you actually have time to take a long bath, or do all those home-made spa retreats that you’ve been planning to do for a long time! Or you will finally get a chance to sit down and start journaling :)

You will feel less stressed and anxious. The social media detox should definitely start with turning off all your notifications or even your phone, which then will decrease the anxiety as you won’t be affected by all the updates that usually come up on your phone screen and require for your attention.

You will think clearer without other people’s opinions. Yes, our decisions are often affected by other people opinions, and yes – I know I said that it’s all you. But sometimes you still need to take a break from it to catch up with yourself and stay true. You will then start seeing things more from your own perspective. It’s the same as taking a holiday, or the whole weekend off from work.

You will be more present. In all the ways possible! You will then live more by reality and not the desire. You will then notice what’s your life like, what you’re surrounded with and that will make it easier for you to be grateful about it!

Let me know what are your thoughts about social media, how does it affect you and how far you let it go. Also, let me know if you have done social media detox and what changes have you noticed after that!

Hope your weekend was good and that Monday kicked off gently! Don’t forget to get on the list if you aren’t yet – as some special inspirations are being sent weekly!


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