LIFE LATELY – LET’S HAVE #oneperfectday

You can trust me when I say that having that #oneperfectday is way easier than it sounds. Tho what is the perfect day? To one it can be a day when all the dreams come true… For me, one perfect day is when you wake up and do everything right for yourself. Starting with a good sleep, enough time for planning, morning workout routine, a proper breakfast, setting all the tasks and triggers on time, you name it… All that leads to a productive day as you will also find more time for treating yourself right and celebrating tiny wins of your day!

These bits can be different for You. My point is: allow yourself to have your own perfect day! Right after you finish reading this post – jump onto your notebook and write all your today’s plans down. Strive for progress, not the perfection. Make small, enjoyable changes day by day and watch them add up into something amazing! 

Stay focused on today. Your focus should always be on what you can control like your thoughts, your actions and your decisions. Focus on a time and place and make a promise to yourself to keep it. Your overall goal is to get your very own One Perfect Day.

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Annnnd today I begin with reorganizing few of my blogging schedule bits. As You’ve already noticed I’m not much of a blogger lately, as well as those OOTD posts are missing, even tho that I’m promising them weekly. I might not be that organized after all, tho the matter of fact – when it comes to outfit posts I usually find them not being good and worthy enough. I’m not a fashion blogger, neither a stylist. I have a passion for that, and I truly believe that my personal style has a huge impact in overall: my work, it’s results, the people I attract, my clients, the color palettes I use for my design work, the photography work and styling, etc. And showing that bit of myself on this blog is also a great way to connect with my readers, followers, potential clients, and friends :) So in these usual Monday inspirations I will also be including my personal style discoveries from time to time, tho You still can also expect the actual outfit posts on Wednesday as usual! While now let’s get into Monday inspirations!


• I’m so obsessed with these planters and dishes from fox & ramona! Indeed, I love a good paint & color :)
This Japenese Rose Ice Coffee from Local Milk not only sounds, but also looks like a must. I mean, look at them photos!
• Speaking about photography, my second today favorite would always be Mikuta. And her style I absolutely love!
• Going to watch this on Thursday. It is clearly going to be the best night of this week! I’m so excited already! :)
Since I had a tad naughty weekend filled with food and Chinese takeaway particularly, thanks God I also own a bag of this detox coffee. If you haven’t heard of it yet, – it’s a game changer! Soon I’ll be bringing in the whole post for it.

ootd, style, fashion, bloggernature, ootd, plantsootd, grey, sweaterfashion blogger SOMETHING FROM THE ARCHIVES:

• Currently working on a few Branding Identity projects and already booking for August! Those who’d like to get one – gimme a shout! While You also can take a look at one of my previous work done for Sarah!
• The importance of infographics is huge, and the proof of it is the attention this post already got! I mean, last week it was the most popular on my blog :)
• Since it’s been raining for whaaat… like two weeks?! Hell, that’s way too much. I can’t wait to head to the seaside and treat myself with endless sunbathing. Already craving while looking at this Dunes OOTD.
• Let me tell you something, my all time favorite every morning and evening stretches would definitely be these. I allow myself to stretch for 20 min first thing in a morning as well as before bed in the evening. And these are the most done!
• The page was down, and I heard ya saying You’ve already missed it. So hey, that FREE 7 Day Fitness E-Course is back agaaain & if You haven’t yet, You must enroll!


Workout routine. A quick booty lift! Aha aha, come back for this one tomorrow!
Blog & Biz Tips. For those who are thinking about starting an e-course, on Thursday I’ll be sharing some advices on that!

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Grey sweater – Zefyras
Blue dress – H&M
Necklace – Asnudir
Sandals – Vagabond

YAS. Now little bit about the outfit. You can expect more of this Lithuanian brand Zefyras on this blog, as I’m already obsessed about these sweater as well as workout clothes. Riiight, this one’s coming! Sure thing Viktorija is a genius, and I can’t thank her enough for making these perfect clothes. Head over to her web & Facebook, and show her some love! Talk to you soon, have a good one! :)


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