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Things have been going really well lately, although there are heaps of new things happening right now – new beginnings which I’m so excited about! Even though that brings doubt, fear and lots of challenge along… It’s ok, because I love that! I love overcoming my fears (as you already know), then doubt always makes me push harder, and challenge is just another adventure which I never reject! Of course, I wish sometimes things would be less hectic and stressful, but then they would be kinda boring, right? :) Plus it’s not all about the stress, it’s about how you handle it. Anyways! Let’s dig in and see how’s life lately and what’s so inspiring that makes me move forward without looking back!

First of all – you might expect less of me over here, because I’m getting so busy with all the excitement that soon I’ll be sharing with you! I’ll try to keep you posted about my latest life adventures, but I encourage you to follow me via instagram if you’d like to see more of those and see me being more consistent!

Regarding my latest life updates – I’ve been having so many great and inspiring meetings and hangouts with people that make me feel even happier about this decision to move to Australia. I love hearing all these inspiring stories, other people’s future plans, goals, seeing the process, how real their emotions are and how alive they are themselves! It’s the greatest thing to meet people from such different backgrounds and cultures, to hear about their experiences and adventures – I learn so much about the world and humanity in general. I’ll be honest – life here often feels like a movie, and being a little part of it is something magical. Although what I love about this movie is that there’s no main character – everyone’s playing a big part in it and I just can’t wait for more!

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Now, since my mind is mainly occupied by my business and then the other new exciting things – I’m not going to bring another philosophical post and talk about life balance today. This time I’m bringing in some inspiration that I’ve been finding lately on the web! So let’s see what we’ve got!

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• I’ve been reading a lot about minimalism and sustainability and one of my favorite documentaries that I have seen lately is definitely this one (check Netflix)! These guys made it all so simple and clear, so you don’t have anymore excuses not to take an action and seek for more minimalistic lifestyle! Also, they have created an app, which is awesome as well! ;)
• More than a week ago we had Earth Hour – did you switch off?! Although, the big day is yet coming. 22nd of April is Earth Day and I encourage you all to dedicate some time and think of ways you could personally improve in showing more love to our planet earth! :) In a meantime – check out these amazing videos for Earth Hour to get you inspired!
• Here’s another article which shows how it’s actually quite easy to recycle everything! I think that’s pretty relevant to Earth Day to make it daily!
• Still about Earth… although this time through the photo camera lens annnnnd… dreams! If you could photograph your dreams, how would they look like? Mine pretty much similar to these! Yes, I’ve been having some crazy dreams where I travel around the world, visit these gorgeous places and what’s more exciting – these dreams are so thick, and so real. I guess I’m thinking a lot about the traveling and that influences my sleep :)
• The Puerto Rican traced his DNA, traveled the world, made music, and proved that in music we all are in harmony! Check out his website and little teasers from the countries he visited as well as the trailer of the upcoming documentary!
• This guy was tired of the fact that we all spend too much time on our phones so he decided to throw himself into challenge and meet a new person a day. He recorded his adventure by taking selfies with these people and putting it on his instagram. More about it read over here!


• Couple of weeks ago I shared a few tips on how to make your daily meals healthier and tastier – I still stand by these and urge to check them out if you haven’t yet! :)
• If you, as me, still often doubt if you’ve done enough for the day or if you’ve been doing and are enough in general – then I invite you to read this post which I’ve written a while ago. I still go back and read this post myself.
• If finding time for exercise is still a big task for you – check out my 5 ways which, I promise, will make this much easier! :)

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Let me know what your inspirational finds and how’s life lately! I hope all is well! :) Have a great Monday and great rest of the week!


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