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Travel is something everyone must do. And I’m not talking about the travel as a holiday, when you put yourself into this comforting bubble that bursts only when holidays are over. I’m talking about the adventure, new experiences and challenges. Of course, everyone’s got their own unique idea about it and that’s absolutely fine. But in this case I’m talking about leaving your comfort zone, when your every day is filled with a lot of unexpected situations and experiences, with compromises, different cultural stereotypes and existence ideas. I’m talking about the travel where you learn a lot about the places you visit as well as about yourself and your emotions. That’s some kind of a travel everyone must throw themselves in from time to time, as then you realize how unimportant were some of the things you thought were a big deal. These are the travels/journeys of life, and they are important for one to grow, change for the better, care more about the environment and appreciate the present.

I know that I often sound like a dreamer and I’m definitely one, but these are the things I’m so passionate about, and something that have taught me a lot, helped me to find my inner peace. So I cannot hold back but share it with others as I believe this might inspire and encourage one to find their path and go on it’s journey of life. So if you’ve been thinking about travel, craving for adventure or simply finding your own unique balance and inner peace – I can promise ya that this post has got heaps of it! So keep on reading ;)

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As you already know we recently went on a 5 day road trip and those were absolutely one of the best days of my life! Adventures we’ve got to experience are definitely something I’ll be telling about to my children one day. Yet it’s just a beginning! We have many plans to travel more in the near future and that makes me so excited to get up every morning and live the day I’ve been given.

Some shots from our first days of a road trip you can find over here, while today I’m sharing some photos from Granite Sky Walk which was spectacular! This trip is definitely a must if you ever around. I cannot put in words how excited and amazed we were by the views and only if could photos show what our eyes got to witness…
Although the hike up to the mountain isn’t that hard, it takes about an hour, but it’s worthy! In our case we did it in the evening, just before the sunset so it was a bit easier as we didn’t had to struggle through the heat. But, once we reached the top we’ve got to face another thing, and that was my fear of heights. Yes, I’m so afraid of those and I cannot express enough how terrifying it is for me. I can easily go into shock and not be able to move, but this time I surprised myself and overcame the fear, even though it was so windy and so scary up at the highest spot. And that I can assure you because even my boyfriend was a bit scared at the very top and the last point of the skywalk. But we made it, and it was definitely the best!

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So if you fancy some more inspiration regarding travel and you feel that the time has come – here’s some more encouragement for ya:

Culture Trip has put a list of the most affordable places travel to! I think it’s pretty cool :)
• My dear friend Ugne is on a solo trip around Thailand and I can’t put in words how happy and excited I am for her! She’s this ever inspiring soul, that’s so talented and so honest. I love her, and I love following her journey! Follow her on instagram for daily snaps as she’s got some pretty amazing ones!
• Other inspiring instagram worth to follow is definitely Jessica’s! She’s probably one of the first bloggers I’ve followed even before I’ve started blogging myself. Currently she’s traveling around NZ and she makes me drool a lot! I bet I’m not the only one :)
Project Vanlife is as much as inspiring as also pretty handy if you’ll decide to move into a van and get lost on the road! This is the instagram account me and a boy are so obsessed about and keep ourselves motivated and inspired to get a van for our road trips!
• Although if you wouldn’t imagine yourself going on long road trips, and fancy building a house somewhere in a forest instead, I think you gonna like this one! Isn’t it rad?! Definitely a dream come true!

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Now, since this weekend was a lot about day dreaming, book reading, meditation and movie session on the couch, I’ve prepared a list of films you must watch asap in order to get even more fired up about the travel and adventure! Some of them I might have already mentioned on this blog, but make sure you’ve seen them all! And yas, they all are worth to be rewatch again and again:

Captain Fantastic. This one’s more about the simplistic lifestyle and co-existance with wilderness, but it’s truly inspiring and one of the bests I’ve seen!
Into the wild. Classic, but definitely good classic. And absolutely worth a rewatch, even though if you’ve seen it a few times already.
The beach. Another classic, but this one’s also got Leo in it, plus all the gorgeous beaches and lots of love. So I guess, why not?
Tracks. This one made me fell in love with Western Australia even more and I’m super excited to see it all! Not to mention the whole idea and the experiences. A MUST. + it’s based on a true story!
Wild. Another lady going on a self-discovery journey and this one’s got amazing views, love and lots of challenge. It might not meet the reality at some points, but come on – we are talking about the idea and inspiration, and this got plenty of it!
Little Miss Sunshine. A good laugh guaranteed!
Hunt for the Wilderpeople. Even more laugh, plus this one’s just pure masterpiece!
On the road. Even if you’re fan of Kerouac or not, and did read the book or did not – I bet ya will like it anyways. Great actors, full of young spirit and romance + a soundtrack you will listen even afterwards.

I think that’s enough, isn’t it? If you’ve got anything else to add – you’re more than welcome, so go ahead and do that in comments below!
While for me this films are also a lot about the idea of simplistic lifestyle, co-existance with nature and wilderness. This whole has been on my mind for quite a while now, and I think it’s time to proceed with actions. So I rewatch those films in order to keep myself reminded that at the end of the day I actually don’t need much. This helps me to save money, time and energy for the upcoming road trips which are more worthy than a new pair of shoes!

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Hope you enjoyed this post! Don’t forget to check my instagram for daily snapshots as I’ll be sharing a few videos from this trip as well! Now have a great week, y’all!


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