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Since this post is so special to me, I decided to begin it with something as many writers do in the first chapter of their book… So here it goes: It’s a Sunday afternoon, I’m sat at my desk, listening to one of the earliest Joni Mitchell albums called ‘Blue’ while writing this post. Joni is my female crush from teenage years. I guess I was a hippie in the past life (if one does exist) as all of my teenage female crushes were hippies or at least were at a peak during these years. And Joni… she’s the very special one. Many find and describe her music as sad, while me – I find it so uplifting, relaxing and always making my heart smile. I can sense so much hope and faith in her songs, not to mention her personal life and stories, and then the way she tells those through her songs. She’s a poet, indeed. No wonder why she has won so many awards, and why Rolling Stone calls her as one of the greatest songwriters ever. But this post isn’t about her, although she’s a big influence I must admit :) She has always been an inspiration of hope and faith to me, and these are the things I’d like to talk about. So keep on reading if you’d like to grow a stronger faith’s bone.

Your faith in The Universe must be stronger than your fear of not getting what you want. Remember my last post about fears, and why it’s so important to overcome those? Well, now brace yourself, because overcoming fears isn’t enough. In fact, having a faith is something you usually begin with when you decide to overcome those, make big decisions, and so on. Although, faith is the most important of them all. It’s a Holly Molly Grail.

I was failing big time when I surrounded myself with all those negative thoughts and attracted bad energy to come along my way. When I didn’t believe that all the wanted good could actually happen, and my dreams are meant to come true. Even if that sounds shady to ya, well, here I’ve got you a proof:

Life in 2016 wasn’t easy to me either. In fact, it was pretty depressing until we started talking about moving abroad. And here’s when faith played really well!

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To make such a decision took a lot of nerve for both of us, my boyfriend and me. I don’t even want to start talking about the details like selling all the stuff, packing our whole life in two luggages, making all the money, saying goodbye to our families and friends, saying goodbye to our beloved cat :( It was tough. And we did it all only in two months! Plus, most of the times it felt that Universe isn’t on our side: one of those was when we haven’t gotten our visas approved till the very last day. We had to postpone our flights for few days more because we didn’t get them approved for the first date, and here’s where our faith got tested big time. The most stressful 3 days which then leaded us both sick in bed, stuck in fewer and fear that we might not hear the answer about our visas again, was sucking life out of us. But we never gave up! We were planning, and even acting like we’re flying this Friday and this is happening for 100%. PERIOD. And so it did!

Maybe that’s a consequence, either way – it wasn’t the easiest one. Although, if someone would have said that one day I’ll be a successful blogger, graphic designer who’s able to make living out of her creative work, a photographer who’s so passionate about the beauty of the world, and that I would live in Australia and I will have this extraordinary opportunity to travel around this country, take pictures and earn money from those – I’d have laughed. I’d have babbled something like ‘yeah, right… this would be perfect, but that’s not going to happen to me. Look at me!’. But here’s where I am! And you know why?! Because I dreamt about this life. I’ve dreamt about being a designer, photographer, earning money from it one day. And I believed in this, never gave up – no matter what. Even though someone criticized me and my work (and that was quite often), even though my family was against this whole and never supported the creative part of me. Even though I went through shit loads of stuff in my childhood, teenage years and even right after I started this blogging and graphic design thing. I was in a toxic relationship which took a lot out of me. Although, thanks God it’s now part of the past.

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I’ve always had to stand strong and fight hard for myself, and still I do. But I never gave up, and I’m not going to. And only because of the faith I have achieved waaaaay more than I have ever wished for.
Yes, I’ve never dreamt about living in Australia, it became a very recent dream which now is a reality. And if that doesn’t prove the fact that faith is powerful and a lot depends on it, that manifest does freakin’ work and a positive mindset is a big deal – then I don’t know what does. And if this whole is wrong, then I don’t want to be right :)

But it worked for me. So I’m brave enough to say: never give up your faith, not even at your darkest and hardest moments. That’s when your faith is being checked, and if you give up easily, then don’t expect magic to happen. Because that kind of magic does last! It’s easy to be full of faith and belief when life is going well, when you have all the opportunities and supportive environment. But even then, somehow your faith is being checked, just not everyone’s out there to talk about it, share such details.
I’m not always sharing everything on my blog or through social media either, and I consider this as totally normal. Because why would I do so? I don’t think it’s ok for one to share every little detail of their personal life with the rest of the world. Then it’s not personal anymore. Plus, it’s really hard to share the process when you’re so into it, and where’s your focus. You don’t actually think about recording it, because you don’t have time, neither the energy. All that goes into making, doing, creating rather than recording. While all is done, it’s quite obvious to record and share with others the result. That’s why we go to cinema and watch actual movies, and not the movies of how they were made.

But when it comes to personal life, one must enjoy the process and have a faith in it, as only then the wanted result appears. I hope this whole makes sense! :)

And here I’ve got a few tips which might help ya to keep up with your faith:

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Train your strength. Keep doing the things that make you strong. If you find peace in reading, listening to music or working out, keep on doing ’em! Stay true to the activities that give you strength because these are probably the things that nourish your soul and feed your faith.
Embrace your emotions. Once again, don’t ignore your emotions, don’t pretend that everything’s good if it’s not. If you’re having a bad day, or something happened and you’re feeling hurt – embrace that. Permit yourself to feel the sadness, but don’t get too deep into it. To change your condition, you must first acknowledge your reality. Then find something that will cheer you up, ask for help, talk to someone, find a solution and a way out of this. And trust me, there’s always one, or sometimes even a few!
Be patient. Be patient with the uncertainty. Use this time to build your faith around the certainty that there is a purpose created just for you.
Be watchful. Watch how you rebound and fill in the gaps. Above all, be true to yourself. When you feel your faith returning make certain it is your faith and not a need to begin feeling something, anything, even if it’s something that is not aligned with your core beliefs and values.
Be positive. If you find yourself coming back from a difficult situation where your faith has been tested – begin to look for the small, but positive things happening around you. Every good thought or encouraging experience is not an accident – these are signs to remind you of your purpose and the hope for what good is waiting for you.
Take action. Practicing faith takes action. Get involved with the people and causes that touch your heart the most. Meditate, surround yourself with positive people, spend more time with your beloved ones, go outside, eat well, sleep well, exercise.

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I hope you find this post useful and it will inspire and help you to grow the strength of your faith. And here I’m talking about any kind of faith, but make sure it first begins with you, not others. It’s easy to expect or blame others, and that we often do because we lack of confidence, self-love, and faith in ourselves. Find your inner peace and harmony, never give up on your faith, and let the magic happen! :) Have a beautiful week, friends.


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