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Hello Peeps! Can you believe it – only couple of weeks to go till Christmas, and then one more to end this year of 2016… Time flies, indeed! So recently I’ve been thinking a lot about my achievements and changes during this past year, and I’m so thrilled to say – I’ve never been this proud of myself. This year I’ve learnt what the power of mindset is and how much of a good does finally achieving your own peace of mind. Not to mention – the best compliment you could ever give or be given is definitely healthy, and that I’ve finally reached! This year has been helluva journey and even though that I just got on a train of a self-development – I already feel healthier ever from both: inside and out. Thus there’s one thing I’ve been wanting to talk about on this blog for quite a while now, and today I feel that I’m ready to open up and be as transparent as I can be about envy and competition and how to heal yourself from it. So keep on reading, as this is really important to any social media, entrepreneur world member out there!

Before I begin, let me just say one thing: I stopped envy things, other’s success and achievements, or even life once I finally made peace with myself, and started appreciating every single bit of my life. In this post I’ve talked about the peace of mind what helped me to achieve that, as well as I’ve shared some inspiration regarding the power of a mindset in this one. And since these two take a huge part of today’s topic – I highly recommend you reading them once again, or for a first time if you haven’t yet :)

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So yes, there you have it – there were times when I envied things for others, and indeed, social media had a huge impact in it. But as much as I’d love to say that not everything’s real out there, I honestly think that the matter isn’t about fake or real, or that there are behind the scenes of every perfect image and those aren’t that perfect in the end, or that everything’s prettier on instagram… In fact, what matters is what’s in your head and how you deal with it. Nothing will change if you’ll just unfollow people that make you feel bad about yourself. Neither looking at them and saying yourself that this is fake will bring ya better results in a long run. You have to change your mindset and how you feel about yourself and your own life. Once you will make peace with that – voila! You will see how much less you started to care about others’, cause you will realize what an extraordinary life you’re living and you’ll start enjoying it to the fullest for once!

Cause yeaaah… These days I’m just too busy with my own life, so I don’t really have time to care about others, despite my beloved ones’, families’ and friends’. I mean really, my plate is way too full already, and I’m quite full myself as well :) And maybe that sounds little selfish, I actually see it other way – I see it as changing myself for the better, and then changing everything around me as well. So in the end it’s not just about me, it’s about others also. But instead of envying other’s success I choose to send them love and focus on mine.

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‘There’s a special place in hell for women who don’t help each other.’ Madeleine Albright Amen to that! And indeed, there is, so always always be aware of that!
What I don’t like about social media and the entrepreneurship that there’s still lots of feminine competition and hate that is more than just sad. We should send love and support to each other instead of feeling competitive and envying other’s success. We all are different, and super unique, so even though that there’s another dozen of women whom might be focusing on the similar goals as yours, or doing even the same thing as you and building the same career – you’re the only one like that, and there’s no other, and the way you’re doing whatever you do it’s so damn unique and the other dozen women are unique as well, so in the end – you’re not all the same, and you shouldn’t call yourselves competitors. Instead – send love and wish for all the best of success, and focus on building yours!

Or even better – collaborate, reach out to that gal who’s life you are about to envy, tell her how much you find her inspiring and that’s she’s doing real good and that you’d like to team up with her in a future! You will be surprised by how kind and supportive that gal might be, and you know what? That’s why she’s there wherever she is. That’s why she has reached all that she has now! Universe is always generous for those whom spread positivity and kindness. I’ve learnt that, and I had some pretty harsh lessons, but now everytime I come across some amazing instagram picture of a woman that’s a real badass designer and photographer, or that’s living such an amazing life filled with travels and adventure, or that she is so damn fit and she’s glowing – instead of envying them those I send love, I tell them how well they’ve done and I really really mean that! And then later, I look back at everything that I have and I inspire myself to keep on going, because I’m my own best inspiration. I’ve showed myself that I can achieve whatever I set my mind to, and it always turns out just well in the end!

‘Above all, be the heroine of your life, not the victim.’ Nora Ephron

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And here I’ve got a few little tips on how to heal yourself from envy and competition:

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• Create things you wish existed. Do a little manifest daily! Sit back for at least 10 minutes, close your eyes and imagine yourself having, doing, being whatever you wish to have, do and be! Or write down a list of things you wish to achieve and then manifest those as they are present, picture yourself in that life and believe in it as it’s already real!
• Be grateful for what you are, and what you’ll be. Name 10 things you’re grateful for every morning as soon as you open your eyes, and every evening before the bed. Then remind yourself through the day how grateful you are, and how much you actually already got! And now this might sound weird, but whenever you do that little manifest – don’t forget to be grateful for that as well. Tell yourself how much you appreciate everything that’s about to happen, even though you just came up with that dream!
• Take a social media diet. As much as I see social media as a fantastic tool when it comes to growing my business, it still can be pretty harsh as well. It can chew you up and spit you out just as fast. And whenever you feel yourself getting real crazy about it, or even tired from it – take a break! Schedule your social media posts for the whole week, but don’t open the instagram or facebook for couple of days. Turn off all the notifications and forget about the likes and comments. I sometimes even delete the apps and then download it once I’m ready, and that does really help! But while you are on a social media diet….
• Meditate! As I already said, it’s not about others, it’s about you, your mind and how you deal with it. And in this case – meditation is the best cure. And for that you don’t really need to involve chanting or sitting crosslegged on the floor. To meditate simply means to clear your mind and focus on a positive, affirming thought. So find your most comfortable position and space, lit a candle, take some time for yourself, sit back, close your eyes and take some deep breaths. Than fill your head with the most positive thoughts. I do meditate absolutely daily, and my best place is the beach. I love finding myself a little corner of peace and quite, and sometimes I spend there more than half an hour. However I also love taking long baths with candle light. They all work as marvelous meditation to me! I bet there’s plenty for you in your life as well!

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Instead of bringing you some inspiration from the web, this time I’d like you to sit back and think of 5 things in your life that you really are happy about, and grateful for. These can be anything: a delicious breakfast, new pair of boots, a Christmas Tree, a snow, your boyfriend, your girlfriend, your dog, your cat, your friends… whatever! I’m pretty sure there will be more than 5! And then – allow them to inspire you to live this day to the fullest! Source some inspiration from those, become your own best inspiration and you’ll be surprised by how amazing your life already is! :)


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Now let me know how do you deal with envy and if you have any troubles with that at all. Share all ya inspirations in comments below! While now – shop the post (the items are similar to those I’m wearing, though I wasn’t able to find the exact ones, especially the shoes – mine are also vagabond!) And by the way – the pocked cut I did by myself ;) Have a good one, friends!

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