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You know, the reason why I haven’t posted yesterday is that I was planning to bring slightly different content, however I’ve got haunted by Christmas spirit and that I decided to bring here as well!
I know that Christmas can be stressful and overwhelming, and for some even sad…
I used to cry while watching every Christmas movie because my life was far from something I’d enjoy and appreciate during that festive. And many times I felt so lonely, even though if I wasn’t celebrating Christmas all by myself. This might sound a bit too depressing, but yes – I was depressed and I actually hated everything about this festive. And at some point I’d have celebrated it alone rather than with my beloved family because our Christmas at home was always pretty much a mess.
But you know when everything finally changed for the better? No, not when I moved out and started to live a very independent life, but when I finally changed my mindset and decided to focus on the positive. And now… well, now Christmas is definitely my favorite festive of the year and I do believe in it’s magic, even though it’s +35 here in Australia, and I can’t remember when was the last time I had a proper white Christmas… When I started to appreciate whatever is that I have and I’m surrounded with – I finally got to see how special is Christmas and that you’re mistaken if you see it any other way.

And till this very day I’m still choosing to focus on the positive and I’m going to take the most of out this experience that we are about to witness this year! Christmas is going to be really special to us. Despite the fact that me and my boyfriend are already spending heaps of time together (and that can also be quite intense sometimes), we are far away from our families and friends, we are in a different part of the world which is still so new to us, we are far from traditions and everything that’s so well known and comfortable… But we are going to embrace this whole new experience, and we are going to enjoy it to the fullest!

I don’t see any reason why we shouldn’t, and I’m not going to sit and miss whatever’s happening back home. We are here, at the present, and that is very special. Plus we really started to get into this Christmas mood, even without a cold and snow. I’m really excited about the Christmas Eve which is going to be a lot about peace and quite. We actually have decided to bring in some little traditions from each of our backgrounds, and even though it’s going to be just two of us – I can sense the Christmas spirit doing it’s magic, and it’s all out there, already filling our hearts and home!

Find Christmas Magic

A lot has been said about Christmas, and often we hear people whining how commercial it is and that it’s all about presents, money and everything all that, but not the spirit. And as much as I get the point, I also got to admit that I don’t really agree and feel this way. I mean, yes, I might look quite a positive freak whom believes in unicorns and marshmallows, and let it be.. I don’t care. I just simply focus on the positive and surround myself with it, and I don’t understand why would I do opposite? Why would I whine about Christmas being all commercial and costing too much money? Why would I bring up all that negative and whatever sad, and fill my head with it? Listen, I don’t want to be scrooge, and neither any of us should. Let’s simply enjoy it, just the very special way it is.

Yes, it does cost money, and buying all those presents, wrapping and preparing them is more than just pain in the asssss when you leave it at the end… But, we have all the power to avoid the last minute madness, and if you don’t agree with that – well, try preparing for Christmas in September or October next year. Make a plan, set some triggers and commit to it. There are so many great sales going each Autumn, not to mention the black Friday in November – there are always opportunities and ways out to avoid feeling overwhelmed. However, if you do manage to get there – take deep breaths, sit back and relax. It’s not the end of the world. If you haven’t got a present to someone special – prepare a card, write down that it’s coming and that Santa had to travel all around the world to find the present and bring it back, so it’s taking bit of a time. I mean, you can always come up with a solution, and once you stop being a drama queen and frustrating yourself – really great ideas might come up!

Yes, I’m talking only about presents. But I do get it – not always we do have enough money for them, not always we do have someone next to us to celebrate Christmas with. And yes, it can be really sad, and it might even look like the worst. But try looking out for the positive in this case as well. Trust me, there’s so much good that we all are surrounded with, we just always keep looking for something better or bigger, and we don’t really see how great everything already is.

Here I’ve got some tips on how to focus on the positive during the Christmas madness and how to take the most out of this festive and enjoy it to the fullest:

How to find Christmas magic?

• Meditate. Ok, maybe meditation isn’t something you might feel you’ve got time for or even if it’s something you want to do when Christmas is just around a corner, but trust me – I know how all can turn out. It can be really stressful, or sometimes you might get stressed even because of this whole excitement, or because something doesn’t work out as planned – meditation is the best cure for anything stressful and intense. I’m that kind of person who often might get overexcited about something and then I rush to share it with the world. I start to run, do things the fastest way I can and I often find myself feeling really tired at the end, because I forgot to breathe and relax. So either you’re not excited about Christmas at all, or you’re too stressed, or too excited and rushing to finish everything on time – take a moment, breath deeply, sit back, close your eyes and just let it go.
• Exercise. Yes my friend. This part is also crucial. And you know why? During such intense period of time it’s actually very important to keep up with whatever is good for your health and body, because you might overuse it’s reserves. We all know that Christmas is a lot about food, and in this case – we all tend to overeat too much. So prepare your body for it, either feast is in your plans or not – little bit of exercise before Christmas won’t hurt anyone. And actually, I have this workout routine which I highly recommend doing before and after, and even during the festive – it can actually turn out as a great group activity with your family and friends. Put some funky Christmas music on, gather everyone together and do little exercise for a few minutes – it can later become a tradition!
• Eat healthy and regularly. Aha, don’t starve yourself so you could overeat during the Christmas, but stay away from all the junk and sweet – you will soon have plenty of it anyways. And you sure can wait! I know that we all crave for a heavier food during winter – being honest, I do crave as well (which I find quite weird) even though we are in Australia, and here it’s hot, and I never crave for anything heavy or comforting during summer. And I’m not saying that you cannot allow yourself to have any – you can, just make sure you eat regularly and you also allow your body to detox for couple of days or so. It’s the time of the year when you do really need to focus on your immunity, and trust me – food has a huge impact in it!
• Focus on the positive. Always! Surround yourself with positive thoughts, let them in, and share them with others! Christmas is time for miracles, and everyone has one or two out there waiting for us to let them in. You choose: believe in it and let them in, or not. I always prefer to open windows and doors!
• Get into Christmas mood. As much as it’s a lot about all the commercial – switch it off! Put some Christmas music on, watch a movie or two, bring little decoration into your home, bake some ginger cookies! If you don’t want to spend money on it – there’s a lot of alternative. Do a little research, you can always find a cheaper way to decorate your home – here I’ve got some inspiring ideas! Also check out these 20 DIY projects that Leta has shared on her blog!
• Relax and allow yourself to wind off. Yes, by this I also mean to stay away from social media, emails, messages and all the buzz that might be causing even more stress – make sure you find some time to relax! I’m taking things easier this week, watching lots of Christmas movies and drinking teas. Cup of mulled wine in the evening is a must! Oh, I’m alsogoing to treat myself with some home made spa retreats and long bath in a candlelight with a good book next to me. I think you might need one as well…and if so – do it!

How to focus on the positive during Christmas madness?How to focus on the positive during Christmas madness?

Although, if you still need some last minute gift ideas – make sure you check those! I’m trying to bring something healthier to our home this year, and so my gift guide does really include plenty of those! Maybe you should also consider getting some detox tea and healthy snacks to your loved ones instead of a sparkling accessory or something simply pretty.

Let me know if you find these tips inspiring and if you do feel stressed or intense at all! Share your inspiration and tips in comments below :) And have a peaceful Christmas Eve with your beloved ones! May your home and heart will be filled with Christmas magic!


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