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I still struggle to come back to reality since our road trip and that makes me wonder about my lifestyle, career and dreams a lot. During this trip, me and my boyfriend, we both realized how much we love and appreciate this minimal lifestyle while you’re on the road. It does really feel that all you need is two pairs of most comfortable shoes, few t-shirts, jeans, a sweater, shorts, enough water, some food, good attitude and thirst for every day adventure! Having each other does play a huge part in this, of course. But I bet that solo trips can be as good as well.

Yes, while you are on a mission and your every day is pretty much full of action and adventure – you don’t really need much. But can this last forever? I cannot answer that yet, although I’ll do my best to figure this out. So far I know one thing for sure – I could live on a road, and I’d really love to try that!

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I do believe in signs. And lately there’ve been plenty of those saying that there’s this huge adventure that I’m so thirsty for, and every time I get to touch at least little bit of it – I cannot hold back and stop.

Does it mean that soon there will be more of the travel and these are going to be longer? Oh, I really hope so! All my dreams somehow end up with the word travel and adventure, and I get super excited each time I think / dream about it.

There are still quite a few things we need to sort out, but this year is promising lots of road trips around Australia, although we also got quite a few plans to travel overseas. So fingers crossed! While now let’s talk about life lately and our recent road trip to Denmark, Albany, Esperance, Wave Rock and all in between!

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This Western Australian palette is full of contrasts and so versatile so you get to experience and explore all that you could dream of. Starting with these breathtaking beaches, then adventurous wildlife where you quickly find yourself in a middle of nowhere, desserts and even mountains, not to mention magical forests! I’m amazed. And yes, Australia – I adore you! Huge part of my heart belongs to you and you’ve become more than just a dream country. Maybe it’s too quick and brave to say that, but it does often feel like home. I think there’s a huge connection between us which I’m so excited to explore more of!

So far we have visited bit of a North West Australia, and a bit more of South West. And we’ve already seen a lot – all that mentioned above. In this post I’ve got pictures from our first day of the road trip where we have visited West Cape Howe, Giant Tree Top Walk and Peaceful Bay where we’ve also had our first ever proper aussie campsite deep down in the bush which looked a lot like a fairytale.

Oh yes, more of this road trip is coming to this blog, I’ve got plenty of photos and even videos which you also soon can expect on my instagram – so stay tuned!

Although my favorite thing about Australia is that there’s a lot of wild nature, unexpected little villages and towns that often don’t even have an internet connection or mobile service, full of wanderers and real aussies that are so funny and always got a few great stories to tell! It does really feel like a movie when you hit the road, get lost, look for nearest petrol station, which are also a lot like in American movies. We even have discovered that Australia reminds of USA at some parts, even though we haven’t yet been there (but that’s what we’ve seen in movies).

I could talk for hours how much I enjoyed this road trip, camping in the middle of nowhere or in a dessert, sinking into that deep silence when sun sets, and waking up early as soon as the sun rises and the heat comes back.

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And that’s the beauty of life – this isn’t timeless. All these special moments do not last forever, they are stuck in the precent. You can picture them, record them, film them, save them in your memory, but they will never feel and look just the same. And that makes you appreciate every single moment even more. That’s where the appreciation comes in and plays a huge part in it.

And you know, we were so lucky not to have a mobile service neither the wifi during this trip so we could reconnect with nature even more and appreciate the present. It’s crucial when you do really need to check in with yourself, hear your thoughts clearly and understand your feelings.

I’m so grateful for this extraordinary life and it does often feel waaaay more than what I have wished for. It was the best birthday and the best present I’ve ever been given, because this year I finally found that inner peace and learnt about the healthy balance. I finally understood it’s importance, and now I’m starting to understand my mission and follow my path. It’s a lot about making mistakes, failing, endless self discovery, adventure, and it’s a lot about not giving up. I’ve got dreams, and I’m passionate about those. And I will never give up on them. I never did, and that’s how I ended up where I am today. I know this is just a beginning and that’s why I am always excited about tomorrow! I really wish everyone to find their path, their healthy balance, inner peace and harmony, because this is the holy grail. This is the healthy self-love and love for others, appreciation and tolerance. This is the best life lesson where you don’t want to miss any class!

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And the other thing that isn’t timeless is our nature, the environment that we have now in the present and that is changing every minute. Apparently not always for good. So in this case I want to remind you all to take the courage and not only appreciate it, photograph it, but also do something personally to reduce the damage and love the Planet Earth just the way she loves us. We have to protect it, we have to find that balance in order to do less damage. And that doesn’t particularly mean that you have to go vegan. In fact, being vegan isn’t enough. There’s much more than that. In this case – educate yourself daily. Learn more about things you use and buy and where they come from. Ask yourself twice whether you do really need it. If so – buy less, choose quality instead of cheap, and fast. Buy second hand. Always think about the balance. You don’t need to jump from one extreme to other, and make quick and strict decisions. This whole takes time, and it requires lots of patience and compromise, but it’s all worthy – it’s what we come from and that is priceless. Nature and what it gives to us is everything. We need it to survive. So let’s take care of it, let’s find the balance and do less damage!

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I hope you’re doing well and you surround yourself with daily challenges and adventure. These are important as much as taking some time off, and going on a road trip. It’s all about balance, and I promise I won’t use that word again in this post, haha!

Have a great rest of the week and I’ll be back next Monday with some usual life inspirations, tips and tricks for a healthy lifestyle and fitness! Oh yes, there’s plenty of it coming to this blog, so get ready!


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