Key benefits of using photos to promote your blog or business

I guess I can bravely say that you will never sell a product if you won’t show it at first. Whatever it is – it needs to be photographed in order to be shown so you could reach that potential client of yours, especially if it’s on the internet! Even when it comes to the blog’s content – it is really not that attractive if not the visual. And here photograph is number one! Yes, there are infographics, videos, and everything in between, but today in this post I will give you a few reasons why you should start with the photograph.

Either you are a craftsman, fashion designer, creative mentor, solopreneur, creative or a blogger – You need to attract the right audience, and let me tell ya – I know how frustrating that can be.
I’ve been working on that for the past 6 months myself. And ya know what’s the most popular thing about my blog, my business or my social media outlets? Yes, it’s the photography. That is something I’m getting the majority of compliments about! So I highly invite ya to make that big effort and start having high quality photos to promote your blog, business or brand.

Key benefits of using photos to promote your blog or business 22
Here are the reasons why:

Photos help to visualize what it would be like to wear, use your product or service
Yas. When we see the photo we like wether it’s on a social media platform, wall, or even a magazine – we subconsciously place ourselves in it! So there you have a perfect time and a great chance to let people imagine it’s them wearing that shirt that you’ve designed, or even eat the new dessert that you’re about to serve in your cafe – it’s literally mouthwatering, and works for everyone! So think more before you shoot the product, or instagram the photo with the new blog post announcement – it must attract the right audience, it must sell!

It’s a visual proof
You wouldn’t buy a loaf of bread if you wouldn’t see it first, right? Neither the pair of shoes, jeans, nor the handbag. So here’s the best proof – a photograph. In order to sell your product, you have to build a trust, and photography is the most effective way, and probably the best to do that! Within the photographs you can also show the product in action, show up close details and display the outcome. Same for the blog – if you’re sharing this newest recipe of yours, how are you going to attract the right people to find it? By photography, of course. And that has to be drooling!

It’s the fastest message
Ya ain’t got that much of a time to tell your story, or convince the client to buy, I get it. And the clever photo is the best way to do it so! With it you can quickly get your point across and send the message. Tho it has to be well done, of course! These days we all know the power of the social media, and here the best message is photograph, I don’t need much to talk about it yo!

It’s tool number 1 to show off your brand
I see lots of people are working hard, putting lots of effort in their blogs, brands or business. I’ve come across many blogs which are great, really.. But some of them are missing the most important part – the good photography. It is the best way to attract the reader, as it’s surely the first thing you see when you come across the blog. I used to say that the design is the number 1, but now I gotta admit things have changed. It’s the era of a minimal design, and minimal is really not outstanding most of the time. But you gotta stand out somehow, and here’s the photography, best tool for that. It’s also the best way to show off your brand, build the wholeness, feed, and get noticed anytime people come across your photo which can become your signature also!

With all that to be said – I invite you to take a look at my photography portfolio which I have launched very recently and will keep updating almost daily! Feel free to get in touch, hire me for your brand, blog or product photography! :) I’m also available for the overseas, and very much post delivery friendly! So if you’re struggling to build that visual part for your blog or branding – leave it all for me, you’re in a safe hands, trust me!

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Author: Vaida

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