Healthy and inspiring Christmas gift guide

Hey there Christmas elf! Since it’s only 10 days left till the most wonderful festive of the year – I think it’s about a right time to talk about presents! Well, even if you’re all sorted – make sure you still give a go for those that I’m sharing in this post as it’s more about the idea rather than the actual product, and these can also work as a great add-on to your current ones! So if you’d like to give something healthy and inspiring this Christmas – keep on reading as I’ve got plenty of inspiration in this post! :)

As I’ve already mentioned in the last post – healthy is the best compliment you could give or be given! So why not to give more of a health as a present as well? I think that’s actually the best one!

Even though that this year we are far away from our families and friends, and shipping isn’t very cheap in Australia (God bless this country, but why is it soooo far?!)… We are going to send only postcards filled with the best wishes this time. And healthy is definitely a wish that each postcard has got!

I know I might sound a bit obsessed with everything healthy, but I have a reason. I went through some serious sh*t exactly a year ago, and last Christmas were somehow really special to me as I was gifted with a better health and that was, indeed, the best present I was given. So when I talk about it – I mean it, cause I know how important and precious health is.
Aaaand that’s why I’ve focused on healthier presents this year (lucky my boyfriend is going to receive them all, haha) rather than something shining, sparkling, or just pretty or cute. Thus when I say healthy – I’m talking about both: physical and mental health! So let’s see what I’ve got on my list!

Healthy lunch box as Christmas gift idea

• Alright, since Christmas is A LOT about food, and we often bring heaps of some sugar high treats to each Christmas party or dinner, or lunch, or whatever that we attend during this never ending festive feast – why not to bring something healthier this time? I hear ya saying that healthy isn’t always yummy, and that all those organic and gluten, sugar free treats aren’t as good as ol’ good chocolate Xmas Santa, trust me – you can always come up with some healthier versions or simply do a little research and find something in your local stores!
I, for example, came up with a few ideas: there’s this organic shop in my favorite place in Perth – William’s Street called Kakulas Bros where they’ve got plenty of options and this time I went for some yummy green Chai tea from Higher Living Herbs, Madecasse Hazelnut Chocolate, bit of a honey roasted almonds, dried banana and cranberries as a snack! And all that makes a perfect lunch box for someone who’s always keen to get a snicker or ice cream from McDonald’s. You can easily guess whom I’m talking about :) While yeah, this can also make a little treat box which you can fill up with more of the nuts or other healthier options. Though they can also consist bit of a sugar, but this time don’t make it too sweet – make it more healthier! :)

Madecasse Chocolate as Christmas Gift IdeaGreen Chai Tea and Lunch Box As Christmas Gift Idea

• Now, there’s something real common and yet not so very original maybe, but I don’t know what else if not an inspiring and life changing book can make such a great and remarkable present? I, personally, already bought myself a few before Christmas, and then few more are coming on a Christmas day as a present to me and my boy, and that is something I’m so excited about! Books always make a great present, and don’t underestimate them! My personal favorites are these: Nasty Galaxy, You’re a badass: how to stop doubting your greatness and start living and awesome life, and Girl Code. Hands down for these books that I’ve treated myself with as they’ve already made a huge impact and changed my point of view in so many things for the better! There will never be too much of positivity, and too much of a self-growth. So go ahead, gift your fellow badass girlboss with at least one of those – and don’t forget about yourself! :)

Inspiring books as Christmas Gift Idea

• Detox tea! Once the feast is over everyone gets crazy about them New Year resolutions. And as much as I don’t agree or believe in those – I get it, some people need it and that’s totally fine! In this case Begu Detox Tea might as well work just fine!

• Cruelty Free, Vegan Beauty Products! I used to receive a lot of a beauty products during Christmas before. I think hand creams, body lotions, lipsticks and so are the most popular, and this time I highly invite you think more before buying something with just a pretty package or trendy – get something cruelty free instead! And regarding this I’m all into and standing for The Makeup Factory, Lithuanian Beauty Brand Uoga Uoga, Inika, Lush, Zuii Organic and La Mav!

Begu Detox Tea and Cruelty Free Vegan Beauty Brands

How exciting is this, huh? And what for have you asked from Santa this year? :) Oh, before I forget – I’ve also shared another Christmas Gift Guide for Bloggers & Entrepreneurs which you might as well would like to check out because there I’ve also included FREE printable gift tags which will make a great addition and accessory to your presents! Make sure you give it a go! And don’t forget to share your Christmas Gift Ideas in comments below! Now have a great Christmas preparation, friend, while I’ll see you soon since I’m bringing couple more of a festive themed posts to this blog before New Year. So stick around, it’s going to be real inspiring, I promise! ;)


Author: Vaida

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