Yo! If my answers below haven’t covered your questions, you can always email me straight to vaidatamo@gmail.com ! :)

While now – check out these!

Where do you live?

Currently I’m based in the capital of Lithuania, Vilnius.


What kind of camera do you use?

I use Nikon D3200, and mostly 35mm 1.8G lens. But I play around with various lenses :)
oh, I also use iPhone 6 – follow me via Instagram HERE!


Who takes your pictures?

Mostly I do this myself. However, – most of the outfit photos were taken by my sister. I’ve trained her well! :) Also – I did quite a lot of modeling for various professional photographers, so you might see some colabs here as well!


How do you edit your photos?

I’m a big fan of Lightroom 5! But I also use Photoshop CS6.
As for the iPhone apps – VSCOcam is def my favorite! Tho I also use whitagram, afterlight and filterloop.


Who did your blog’s design?

So proud to say – I did it myself. Yeah, baby! I got web/graphic design business down here.

Where did you study?

That’s bit of a shame to say, but nowhere.
I moved to London for studying. Lived there for two years, but never done that.
Life happened, and yeah. :)
I learnt that bit of designing, photo editing, programming all by myself.


I’m trying to gain more followers, and more traffic to my blog. Will you post a guest post for me?

Umm.. Alrighty! Why don’t we talk about that more privately? :) Just drop me an email.
But ya know what?! I’m pretty sure this will work out!

If you are a company which would like to work/collaborate with me You can also read more about advertising/sponsoring on my blog down here. 

Do you make money from your blog?

I do. But most of the time I’m focused on my business. However, I still try to find more time for this lovely blog of mine, and all the received income goes back to gaining more traffic to this blog. :)


I just started blogging, do you have any tips, advices to share?

Ummmhhmmm.. Well, I believe that I ain’t a master in this sphere, not yet! :)) tho I learn about blogging everyday, and I really know what names a good blog. I have a knowledge about branding, blog design – check out my website & get in touch!
I will be super happy to share some tips on blogging, finding a niche, creating a content & brand for free of charge! :)

As for the guest’s post – go ahead! Gimme a shout & tell more about it :)

Can I send you something? Can I get in touch with you?

Of course! I’m always up for that… always willing for some new email to knock in my inbox. So go ahead! :)