Candy Pop OOTD

I definitely got a massive crush for Marks & Spencer! I mean, seriously, when I saw this absolutely gorgeous blue top and that pink coat – I straight away knew that they gotta be mine! I cannot put in words how much I love this color combo, and the actual design of these clothes. They are definitely my favorite lately!

And let’s not forget these d.efect black pants, that are so unique, and very special! I love seeing local brands creating something so interesting and outstanding. If you haven’t heard of d.efect before, make sure you check them out!

While now let’s take a look at the whole outfit and how everything comes together!




Yes, i might be wearing a lot of these two, so please bare with me… Though people say that these colors suit me. And what do you think?

I must also mention how much i appreciate that this Lithuanian PR agency called MAY agency reached out to me, and now we are having these great collaborations and already planning a bright future ahead! So get ready for something exciting and pretty, can promise you lots of that! :)






Blue top – Marks&Spencer
Pink coat – Marks&Spencer
Black trousers – D.EFECT
Boots – H&M
Sunglasses – H&M

So please tell me how you like this ootd combo, and if you’re a fan of these pastel colors :)
What are your favorite fashion pieces lately? Share them all in comments below.

Author: Vaida

I'm a freelance graphic designer, illustrator and photographer. I'm into healthy lifestyle, love fitness and sports, food and recipes, music, fashion, books, art and design.