Why your blog or business needs a media kit? + free media kit template

Seeing everyone putting their fingers on media kits makes me very happy. I’ve made the first one for myself and my own blog years ago, tho comparing to all that has changed – it was far away from the good media kit. To realize, that I need one, helped the first ever brand that contacted me for blog collaboration, as their email begun with the media kit and that looked more than just professional. I straight away knew that things are getting serious and that I’m contacted by a company which is also taking me seriously and showing the respect! That is as much as complimenting and flattering, as challenging also! But today I’m going to share all the secrets of what makes a killer media kit and why you need one! + a free media kit template. You just gotta stick for more!

The term media kit has been around for a long time, and I’ve already used it in this post about 5 times, as that is really something! So either you’re a blogger, creative, entrepreneur, brand, company, photographer or someone who’s working for yourself, and building a brand, client community or whatever – you sure thing need one! Tho the one who’s got the killer first impression. A media kit that makes an impact can definitely help you close a sale faster, plus your client or collaborator is more likely to take you seriously. Your media kit is like your resume where you introduce what your brand is all about – where you share your story, your services, your solutions, your work samples, testimonials, and the companies you’ve work with before. It’s a huge part of your brand, and it’s as necessary as photo portfolio for the photographer!


The professional media kit should begin with the branded front cover – logo. It shall also include a short intro, mission statement. This is the first thing that you’ve got to show to your client, or contributor, and that has to be very much You, very much Your blog, brand, or business. There I also recommend putting out the services that you offer if you’re selling any, or you can talk about the topics, subjects that your blog covers!

So your killer media kit should include:

• Logo
• Headshot if it’s for blog, or front cover image if it’s for company/brand
• Short intro, mission statement
• Blog topics, services that you offer
• The story about You, Your brand/company, images, visuals
• Statistics, social following, pricing, rates
• Feedback/testimonials
• Previous brand collaborations
• Contact information


You don’t start looking for a job, if you haven’t gotten a CV, don’t you? Or you can try, but as long as you step in and say that phrase “Hello, I’d like to speak to your manager, I’m looking for a job”, they are going to ask for one. Take the Media Kit same way. Think further. As soon as you’re going to reach for a contributor, client, or even if he reaches you first – either way he or she or they are going to ask for your media kit, or at least all that information that is in there, so to make things easier for both sides + look more professional – have a media kit!

Here are more reasons why you should have one:

• It does the talking for your business when you’re not able to meet in person.
• It explains packages, processes and rates in more detail. Some of this information is very in-depth or sensitive and it’s easier to format it in a nice document versus clogging up your website.
• It builds a dialogue. If a potential client emails you for a media kit and then drops off, you can follow up to find out if they have everything they need and if the rates work for their budget. From there, you can work to meet their needs.
• It’s easier to sell larger offerings. By showcasing a menu of services / packages, clients can compare pricing and what they receive much easier because the value is clear. For instance, instead of a logo, they may decide to invest in a brand platform when they understand the benefits.
• It shows you care. By laying out the information a potential client needs and thinking of all the answers before they even ask a question, a media kit positions you as a pro and makes it clear that you’re invested in the best possible outcome of their project.


How to create an effective, killer media kit?

• Treat it like a business card or resume
• Make it easy to read, look professional
• Keep it short, but informative. 3-10 pages media kit for company is ideal, 1 page for blog is enough!
• Make it uniform. If possible, use the same color, text, and design used in your website
• Make it interesting; avoid using long paragraphs, but instead use text boxes, images, bullets, subheadings, and titles
• Update as needed; make the necessary changes and keep information up to date
• Never spam people; be professional when approaching other companies you like to work with.
• Use Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop or Canva + I highly recommend exporting, saving the Media Kit as PDF file!

I hope You will find these tips helpful, and I have convinced you to get a Media Kit or update it if you have one! I’m looking at my media kit everytime before I send to someone, so that I could make sure I’ve included everything that might be needed for the potential client, blogger or contributor. I know how hard it can be when it comes to the design, especially if you haven’t been in this game before! Tho I find Canva pretty handy, so you should try that one! And I also have a free media kit template which can be used both for blog or company! It’s a 2 page template and only requires a Photoshop or Illustrator. So if you have one, or even both – sign up for the mailing list below and receive the access to our FREE resource library with a confirmation letter straight to your inbox! :) Tho if you really need something custom designed for you – make sure to check out this service of mine and get in touch!
PSSST. I’m planning on doing some e-courses, tutorials for photography, tho I will definitely make some design related, and won’t forget the Media kits. So if you’re tempted for those – make sure you’re on the list to receive the news first! Have a good one, peeps!

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