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Hello and welcome to Don’t Tell Anyone!

I’m Vaida – a girl behind it.

Don’t Tell Anyone was established in 2013, when this life changing decision was finally made.

From then onwards I call myself a graphic designer, lifestyle blogger, photographer, solopreneur and a creative mentor!

I’m currently based in Vilnius, Lithuania, where I share my life with two awesome boys – My Boyfriend, and my cat Carl Cuscus.

I am my own boss, and that is something I’m most grateful and passionate about.
Life wouldn’t so beautiful and interesting if not that. Tho I’ve also collected lots of experience and knowledge through the years that I’ve been building my own space, and here I’m to share all that with You, m’Friend!

So here’s what I do:

• I help creatives and bloggers to build their own space by offering very affordable custom and pre-made blog design services.
Check my Design page for more!

• I know what makes a good branding and how to build that. So I offer custom brand and website designs.

• Professional visuals makes the good brand – and here I am offering the photography services so that your blog or brand would stand out and would bring a success.

• I help creatives and bloggers make things happen, get noticed and approached by their dream brands. I create media kits for bloggers, social profiles and online business.

Along that I also value things like personal growth and discovery, content that connects, unique and personal style, fitness, good food, healthy living and natural beauty. And that’s what this blog is all about! :)


something else to know:

  • I’m a huge fan of Harry Potter. If you’re not – then walk away.. Cause I will ask you for a battle, and will put you down. Avada Kedavra!
  • I love music. And never been able to describe what kind of.. But there’s something about it. I literally cannot live without it.
  • I have another huge passion.. and it’s fashion! hah :) There’s no way I wouldn’t check Vogue, or some of my beloved designers’ updates every day. I kind of live on that.
  • Movies: turn a good movie on, and I’m all into it. Another addiction of mine.
  • Books. Coffee. Blanket. Comfy sweater… and Adieu! I’m unreachable for few hours at least.
  • Travelling. I could basically spend my whole life only travelling. Wouldn’t be upset about it at all.
  • I love to dance. Have tried various types of dancing. From ballet, 7 years of latin american dances to street dances and hip hop. Tho many more yet to be discovered!
  • I have some quite random talents:
    I tried piano, and it worked just great. Tho I’m still into it and really loving it.
    I’m lucky at board games, yet quite annoying.
    I’m great at accents. Once I was living in London I made many English people to get confused about my nationality. If I really wanted I could made them think I’m Scottish. Tho Russian is my favorite!
    I’m also great at acting. Or should I say – making people laugh at me? I love charades, and ‘Heads Up’ app is really my favorite!
  • I’m a real, true blood INFJ.
  • I love animals. A lot. Dolphins, horses, pandas, elephants, giraffes, zebras, foxes, owls, monkeys… And definitely would say yes for a buddy – dog wolf. And obviously.. a cat. Loads of them, actually.

So if ya feel like a chat, or collab, or some coffee catch up ( even via skype ) – feel free to get in touch or check my contact page! I’d love to hear from ya!

If you’re a blogger, or a brand and would love to collaborate – check my Advertise/Contact page. I’m very much up for that!

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